V/oct to Hertz Unit

Did anyone revisit the Volt-per-Octave to Hertz unit lately? Is it normal that I can’t assign an input to the V/Oct side of the unit…? :confused: It ignores the unit input and there is no way to enter the input menu on the control in the secondary screen because it’s blank (I should make a screenshot of this). Could someone confirm this? I’m still on v0.4.26 but I don’t think it was in the list of changes.

It looks like it is working fine here.

This doesn’t make sense to me :thinking: The input of a unit is not assigned. It just receives what ever is coming from the left.

Input menu? I wonder if we are talking about the same unit. I’m looking at a unit called “V/oct to Hertz”.


This is indeed the unit I’m talking about.

The secondary screen allows for choosing sources right? So I called it the input menu, I’m sorry if that confused you :slight_smile:

That’s why I said the unit seems to ignore what’s coming in from the left, unless I’m dearly mistaken.

This makes me think I’m not understanding this unit. Aren’t we supposed to be able to assign a source to the V/Oct bias control? I called it an “input” but I just mean an internal or external signal. That’s what I’m failing to do here. Only thing I can do is manually move the slider :confused:

I’m not looking at my modular while writing this but wanted to ask about it for a while, so maybe I’m not recalling the situation correctly. I will check tonight in order to describe my experience better.

The unit is definitely not ignoring the signal coming in from the left (i.e. the unit’s input). The formula for this unit is:

output = f0 * 2^(tune+input*10)

So if the input is zero and tune is set to zero and f0 is 27.5Hz then the output will be 27.5. If the input is 0.1 (i.e. 1V), then the output will be double or 55Hz, and so on. What makes you think the unit is ignoring the input?

First, notice that in my screenshot there is no “V/oct” control, just ‘tune’ and ‘f0’. Second, not all controls accept modulations. For example, the ‘tune’ control is a set-and-forget control. It doesn’t make sense to modulate it because the unit’s input serves that purpose already.

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Okay, I will sit down with this and try it out. Obviously I’m missing something, but it all sounds logical and clear enough :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to explain!