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V0.1.6pre: volunteers needed

I experienced a crash as well inserting a slice.

Yes, new layout pictures/videos please! :slight_smile:

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I also experienced a freeze up of the module in the slices view… Could not re-produce the crash however… Im sure i was playing around with the zoom while it happened.

Based on your excellent write-up, I have prepared patch 3.

er-301-v0.1.6pre-patch3-96kHz.zip (1.2 MB)
er-301-v0.1.6pre-patch3-48kHz.zip (1.2 MB)

New Coloured Tabs:
My only suggestion would be having a thicker or full brightness line at the left-most line of a unit name tab, to help further separate the units when you’re skimming through a large chain. I like the filled B/G unit names… but it still feels like it needs a stronger visual line.

Taking yours and CF3 comments into account, I decided to do a hybrid between the old style and new style, and add back in the unit outline.

-LOVE the quick category sort!! This will be fantastic when there’s a ton of units

Thanks. And there WILL be a ton of units. :smiling_imp:

GUI- the visual sliding to the next area. Having the option to disable or set the timing? Muscle memory of flying around on this module is faster than the animation, (for me anyway). So that could get cumbersome for experienced users.

Done. There is now a setting with slow, normal, fast, and disabled settings for the GUI animation.

GUI - did the font change? The new 0 looks kinda like a D as there’s an extra pixel on the lower left side.

No. It was always like that. Should be fixed now.

-Upon opening a custom unit for the first time, it would be nice if the cursor was placed in the ‘insert’ area… saves a step of having to move the encoder to the empty area for the ‘insert’’ to show up on the lower screen.


-If a custom unit is inserted within the parent custom unit, it’s also named “Custom Unit #1”. I’d suggest having that increment if it’s technically possible to avoid confusion/getting lost.

I’ve tried implementing something different. Custom units are now initially given names that are generated by randomly drawing two words (one adjective and one noun) from a list. I would like to know if this works for everyone, or if it is just annoying. If you have suggestions for where to get good lists of adjectives and nouns (that are not longer than 7 or 8 characters), please let me know.

-If I’m within a newly inserted unit, the top right of the large screen has some pixels that disappear and re-appear in a consistent way.

I’ve noticed that. It’s a mystery that still needs solving.

-could the S1 ‘change’ button just toggle between the 3 options? I like the concept of the “hold and encode” control, but it would make more sense to be deployed for something with a ton of options. With only three choices, it feels like extra work for a simple parameter change - a user shouldn’t need to use two hands for that. Cycling between the 3 settings with the S1 button would be faster imho.


-would be awesome if there was a 4th option for an audio level control, unlike the +/- CV option. Just something on the surface like that for quick gain staging without having to add further VCA’s and dive and assign for something that should be a quick adjustment.

Do you mean you want an assignable control with dB units (like the mixer’s fader), or, do you mean you want a level control for the unit’s output?

-for the sake of flow, if I’m building custom controls… it would be nice to optionally assign the CV input here and now at the same time while my mind is thinking about it. As a user would probably be patching in their external controls at the same time.

Sorry. Where is “here and now”? :thinking:

-If custom controls are created, these would be most likely be the most frequently accessed sources, so I’m wondering if Locals should be at the start of the input select list (but only if custom controls exist).

Done. However, I still need to figure out way to show which custom unit a custom control belongs to in the input select screen.

BUG - if I’m at the outmost level of the custom unit, if i assign a control parameter to IE: CV1, the moment I assign and exit, that setting is forgotten.


if units within are set using presets as well? If I erased the individual presets after the fact, and then went to reload the custom unit… would it still open everything properly? I guess this is my round about way of asking if the custom unit preset relies on these.

Whenever you save a unit or chain preset, everything is encapsulated in the preset file EXCEPT for sample and slice data. In other words, the only external dependency that a preset can currently have is sample and slice data.

-what if custom presets you’ve saved are actually listed in a ‘custom’ category in the browser when you’re quickly inserting a unit? That would be pretty sweet!

Done. Now when you save a unit preset (any unit, not just custom units), instead of the default suggest folder, save the preset in the following folder:


The unit insert screen will now include any units saved here and tag them with the keyword “user”.

Chain Clear
Would be nice if there was one ‘are you sure?’ prompt before blowing out a full chain. At one point I thought I was clearing a chain input… but… poof! whoops! :slight_smile:

Did you notice that the “Clear” button changes to “Undo” after you clear a chain? :sunglasses:

Observation about the SIN unit.
-Really missing that level control. How does that affect prior presets? Now that you’ve included a sync feature (woohoo!), maybe the unit should be renamed ‘Oscillator’ and add an option within to select the usual basic waves like tri, saw, square etc… sync isn’t all that interesting on a sine wave.

Oops. The level parameter is still there. I just forgot to include it on the unit’s UI. Fixed now.

Sync is interesting on a sine wave if you are thinking about LFO duties. I will be adding more waveforms but I’m not sure yet about putting them all in one unit. I have to think about this some more.

inter-track audio routing works great!!
-I have an oscillator on track 1, vca control coming from a sin driven to square on track 2, pitch from some VC on track 3… and the result going to track 4 that has a clocked delay clocking from track 2 out. Cool! Works great!!

Awesome! FYI, in order to make this work I had to insert a 1.3ms delay between the track outputs and where ever you routed them.

wish - mixers having the ability to be “grouped” with other mixers in the same chain level, to retain a relative balance. This would be super powerful if the custom unit had a special Custom control to then control ALL those grouped faders at once from a single source.

Request noted!


Still trying to replicate this crash when sample slicing and/or zooming. If anyone has any hints on how to reproduce, I would greatly appreciate it.

( merged with my post test write-up)

I’m still getting the “zooming” crash here. I can replicate it every time by zooming in all the way at the front end of a sample and moving the cursor around. Not sure if it’s related to the “wrap around” feature or not (???), but I can crash it every time like that.

BTW, many thanks for the GUI changes Brian :clap:

so patchable feedback should be doable correct?
like out1 into in1 and then referencing this audio on say out2?
no input mixing on a desktop mixer is what I’m after here
Just wondering
It is amazing how quickly you are implementing fixes, I can not say enough how excited I am to get my module

ps I love the way this forum handles quoting someone else it is so easy

Holy! Brian! Thanks for considering and deploying most of those changes. Amazing!

Comments on 0.1.6 patch 3

Admin > Channel Setup
The arrow/cursor is gone / Enter doesn’t link channels anymore - but if i rotate the encoder the track select LEDS still cycle between the 4 tracks.

Admin > System Log
Logs are no longer created

GUI Animation speed setting. Slow/Normal/Fast/Disabled. You might want to consider re-naminig ‘disabled’ to ‘off’ as the ‘disabled’ text is graphically fighting with the ‘Toggle’ text on the lower screen.

renaming unit
-Chances are a user will want to fully rename a unit, so by default the existing name should probably be cleared so the user can start inputing a new name immediately, instead of having to press backspace numerous times or cursor shifting. (oops - just noticed that SHIFT+ZERO clears it :wink: )

Sample Player
-If there’s no sample loaded, should entering the slicing window even be allowed?

-sent you a video with the crash

custom unit
-sent video clarifying something from my previous post.

-This is an important one: I’ve noticed that the audio to the left of custom unit is not passing into the unit. Could this be an option? (oops! Ok - looks like that happens as soon as a unit within is loaded. My bad! Never mind!)


-I do like the animation and have set it to ‘fast’. I like how it moves up or down depending on if you’re going deeper into a chain - I’m assuming that was a clever subliminal navigation tactic :smile_cat:

-those mystery pixels on the upper right, I did notice they do come and go in direct relation to the animated arrow on the left side of the screen. Maybe they’re related somehow?

-I like the Random name generator! Even though I’ll most likely change the name, it’s a fun quirk! :slight_smile: So far I’ve had gems such as “Afraid Hat” “Poor Sushi” “Latter Drama” “Sexual Night” “Angry Mom” “Actual Bonus”… so yeah… this IS an actual bonus. Makes me laugh! hahaha

-Love the subtle unit GUI change! Now each unit is within it’s own curved square container and it’s dead-simple to differentiate units at a glance if there’s lots of parameters. Subtle but amazing improvement! I have noticed one inconsistency though: If you have normal units one after another, they have bevelled corners (which is great!). If I add a custom unit, these have a more pronounced line in-between the bevels of any unit preceding or following the custom unit (which isn’t as great). Thoughts?

-User Category: I found it really confusing that the filename I had saved was not the listed text in the user category options, but instead the unit name. Maybe a system setting toggle for that? Or just hard set to the file name?

-Interesting thing I encountered. Try this. Add a Mixer, and then to the right, add a Sin Oscillator. If you scroll the end and then press the soft key for Sync, notice the screen graphics shift over by a pixel (or 2). Same thing happens if I use the encoder to scroll to the right. When I let go, a second later, the graphics shift by a pixel again.

-General Thought about units and the smaller screen: Wondering if “Re-init” in the smaller menu could be globally swapped out with ‘rename’ as it’s more immediate and something a user would more frequently modify (??).

-I’ve noticed in a bunch of scenarios, the pointer sort of flies off the bottom of the main screen when you select an option. Feels a little distracting if it’s not purposely taking your eye to the smaller screen. Could it just immediately disappear if not required?


Managed to crash the 301 when:

-admin>channel setup - wiggles the encoder back and forth a few times… pressed the restart engine button… lock. Oh… maybe not… it came back alive about 30 seconds later.

-inserting slice (video sent)
-I was able to crash the ER301 while selecting the user category, I can’t repeat how that happened. Although, I had no saved patches within the folder when it happened.

1.3ms routing delay
The 1.3ms output routing delay is an important factor to know. Is that setting consistent? Ie: if I brought back a track 4 oscillator from output 4 to multiple mixers on track 1, would they still be phased locked, but 1.3ms late? I’m assuming the bus units will have the same kind of delay to accommodate this routing between various tracks and chains? If this is indeed a fixed number, then it would be great to be able to dial in that 1.3 ms on a fixed delay unit at an end of chain for some pseudo ‘latency compensation’. The fixed delay fine control moves in 1ms increments. That or a maybe a utility "delay comp’ Unit with no parameters that’s internally set to the delay required?


Regarding the trim… not sure if it needs to be assignable or just a quick and dirty volume trim for the custom unit output. I’ve found that sometimes I need to correct the gain staging of complex chains, so I have to insert and fiddle with VCA when honestly a simple output gain adjustment would suffice. I don’t think this is required for ALL units, but would prove useful on the custom unit as there’s so much that could be happening wihin that could drive the level really high. That or what if there was a non-assignable trim at the end of a chain (currently there’s a level meter here) instead of doing this per unit?

On the screen that lists the sources. It says 24 external but there’s 20 CV inputs?

-with custom names, the mixer visually looks empty. What if it said “submixer” or “mixer” near the bottom? So i.e.: if I named it OSC 1, it would say "OSC1, and then mixer near the bottom? I know this has been up to debate for awhile… but these mixers feel more like a unit ‘group’ vs a traditional mixer. Just thinking out loud though - it’s totally fine as is.

More Oscillator brainstorms (just random thoughts - no idea if technically possible of course :slight_smile: )
-imagine an oscillator unit as you have it now, with an additional selector for the sin/square/tri/saw, pulse width modulation (if set to square) and user custom waveforms (??) … but you could ext. control the selection of these waveforms by the usual CV input assign :cake:

As always, your work is tremendous and we can’t thank you enough for this beast of a module!! :cake:


I think the OUTx are now also external sources.

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Ah yes! That makes sense. :sunglasses:

my 301 i locking up, I go into firmware and press “Update” and then everything is locked, nothing happens

it stays in the “Press ‘Update’ to install a new firmware screen” the only way to get out of it is to reboot my whole system

never seen this before. Anyone have the 1.5 firmware version to roll back to? or try to roll back?

Are you on the latest 0.1.6pre3 update or the initial 0.1.6pre update? The initial locked right away at that screen,

You have to (as per Brian):
“To change the firmware manually, just unzip the firmware archive and copy the 3 files inside (MLO, SBL, and kernel.bin) to the root directory of the rear uSD card.”

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thanks Neil - I missed that some how. All sorted now. :pray::bowing_man:

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the auto name and auto preset naming is great.

except when I go to save a preset over an existing name, as soon as I type a letter to add say a number, the whole suggested title for the preset disappears and i have to write it all out from scratch

i just want to add a number, that would be awesome – see attached video in .zip

video.m4v.zip (1.2 MB)

another request – a mute/solo control for the custom unit

Giving a test run at the moment and liking what I see so far! Being able to name now is so helpful!
Having a ‘delete all’ button in the naming window would help, as every time I rename my channels / custom units I have to backspace all of the characters one by one.

Is the quicksave function currently working or not? It didn’t work for me when I just turned my 301 back on after saving to slot 4.
When I try and manually reload from the card nothing is loaded:(

I believe its working. Does the slot preview show any content?

100 Percent not working for me just emptied all of the folders after backing up on my laptop and then running a quick test by creating a couple of mixer channels , renaming one and then shift quicksave to slot one. After power cycling and then it automatically selects slot one, nothing is loaded.

And then when I manually load from quicksaves / slot one / Q01.lua again nothing is loaded