V0.2.x-stable: Thank you!

This is not a bug, nor is it a hardware fault. Only the ABCDx inputs are calibrated for pitch duties. The INx inputs have extra anti-aliasing filters whose gains are not calibrated accurately enough for pitch duties.

You can find further details here:


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Ahh Ok got it, it’s the first time I’ve tried and just checked the legends on the front of the panel which grouped IN and ABCD together hence the reason why I thought it was possible.

0.2.17 48k

I got a hard lock/crash this evening. Was going to do a Quicksave and got stopped here after pressing Shift M1. Had a whole variety of units in play (1x looper, 1x sample player, variety of Linear VCA, ADSR, skewed sine env, mixers, offsets and one custom unit that contained most of the above) but nothing terribly CPU or RAM intensive. I did attempt to access the Quicksave menu while in Admin mode.

experienced similiar event with same frozen ‘working’ msg during resaving attempt on an existing quicksave w/ 0.2.17 48k
was overwriting same quicksave containing a few custom units and chains. was near 80% CPU load prior.
seems to have worked however as on hard reboot the changes had been written.

Just for additional context for Brian - slight difference between what @raws and I experienced. The crash occurred for me before I got the opportunity to save. It was right after pressing shift M1, and the working screen froze before it loaded up the display of 24 quicksave slots.

v0.2.18 CHANGES

WARNING: Quicksaves produced with this version are not backwards compatible.

  • FIXED: Starvation of UI thread which caused freezes or very slow preset load times when CPU load is high.
  • FIXED: Inconsistencies in Sample Pool serialization/deserialization behavior.
  • FIXED: Unit and chain header text extending beyond boundaries.
  • NEW UNIT: Exact Convolution, an experimental IR convolution unit that is rather heavy on CPU. This unit will only load the first 48000 samples (48kHz firmware) or 24000 samples (96kHz firmware) of the assigned sample, and ignore the sample’s sampling rate. The maximum IR length is halved for stereo chains.


I’m curious about the CPU-heavy convolution unit… the name “Exact Convolution” leads me to believe it’s being done in the time domain? If so that’s great news for a future frequency-domain convolver being a better fit into the 301’s CPU resources…

Think this might be the first time I’ve encountered this since receiving my ER-301. Are they Quicksaves likely to be forward compatible? IE does it make sense to open them all up and re-save them if I don’t plan to go backward?

The convolution is already performed in the frequency domain (exactly).

The name reflects my hunch that approximate convolution is the only way forward to get lower CPU usage.

I should emphasize that the Exact Convolution unit is included only because some people asked for it despite its shortcomings.

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I’m not sure I understand the question @Joe. :bow: So instead I’ll just clarify my statement: If you save a quicksave with v0.2.18 and then downgrade to a previous firmware, your ER-301 will crash whenever you press SHIFT+M1 (QUICKSAVE). So if you plan on going back, you should make a backup of your quicksaves folder.

I understand now. Thanks!

thanks brian!!!

Message received and understood… there will be no complaints as even with it’s shortcomings this is awesome - thank you :slight_smile:

Can I get some clarification on the practical usage of the new Exact Convolution unit? I’m loading it as an effect, assigning my microphone to the input, and loading a sample to the convolution unit, but I’m not hearing any difference between the bypassed output and the effected output. Sounds like the first second of the buffer should be loaded for the 48kz version, and there’s definitely audio in the first second of the sample. Actually I think the sample may be almost exactly a second.

I’m using a mono chain with a stereo sample loaded but assuming that’s allowed.

NVM! Figured out my mistake. I was loading the sample to the conv unit but didn’t hit enter again afterward to actually assign it. Just assumed it was assigned since it was listed in the unit’s assign-sample section. Sounds sweet!

Actually, the conv unit has frequent pops for me, especially when sweeping the dry/wet knob but also just running normally, even when it’s the only thing loaded. I see what you mean with the CPU load! Mine’s hovering around 80% with one instance.

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somehow my module managed to make two mixers#2 today and i’m unable to go into the first, it switches always to the second, renaming doesn’t solve the problem and when i delete one of the mixers i get an instant crash, this is with v0.2.18. here is the quicksave:
slot10.zip (24.0 KB)

and when i try to reload the quicksave it stays with the message removing units forever, nothing happens…

Quick question (I think);

Is there a way to save an existing chain as a custom unit?

(apologies if this is obvious or had been discussed’ am trying to catch up on all the amazing new developments!)