V0.2.x-stable: Thank you!

Housekeeping question…are the naming conventions for firmware releases and custom units for an operational reason or can they be renamed safely?

Renaming is safe!


I experienced a crash today requiring me to cycle power. I am new, so this could be user error, but since it ended in a crash, I thought it might be useful. I was following the tutorial on making a simple synth voice on the wiki. That was fine. Then I went on to try to put it in a custom unit. Whenever I try to load it in a custom unit, the device crashes. It works fine if I first load in a mixer and put the saved simple synth voice chain in that. Using 0.2.18.

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I’ve been leaving my 301 with 48k v0.2.18 fimware on and running overnight lately and some mornings require a reboot to fix a severely decimated sound on all outputs.

I’m running the following units on the four channels:

  1. Sine osc
  2. Sine osc
  3. Input 3 → Limiter → HPF → LPF → Lin VCA → Clocked Delay
  4. Input 4 → Limiter → EQ3

Nothing nested, nothing fancy

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Sounds like the same issue as detailed here:

I haven’t ever had this problem, so not sure what’s going on :frowning:

Thanks for referencing that, @anon83620728. One thing to note is that I’m using the same power supply as Richard. I’ve commented on that thread and I’m fine to keep further discussion of the issue over there.

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I’ve got my ER-301 one week ago. Super happy so far :slight_smile:
But I had 2 crashes as well with sampler player on my first day wiggling with it.
I’ve deleted slices. Maybe I added some. I’m not sure. The ER-301 was completely frozen. Only power cycle brought it back to life.
I can’t remember exactly what I did. I avoided since then the slice editor.

This should fix @Brad_Barth’s Custom Unit crash and maybe fixes the “Delete Slice” crash that I just cannot reproduce over here.

@laborcamp and @chapelierfou will be happy to see that Cut/Paste, Copy/Paste and Move to Mixer are now possible operations on any (sub)sequence of units.

v0.2.19 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Crash when loading chain presets inside a Custom Unit’s encapsulated chain.
  • MAYBE FIXED: Occasional crash when deleting slices.
  • EHNANCED: Clipboard for units and sequences of units. Hold SHIFT and turn the knob to select units, then Cut, Copy or Move to Mixer. If configured in Admin>Settings, quicksaves persist clipboard contents.

Oh yes! Thank you!
Excellent: looking forward to giving this a GO tonight!

Just crashed .19 with Sample Player:

  • Slice sample half a dozen times
  • Go to end of sample and hit insert 15 or 20 times
  • Start deleting samples but do not move encoder knob to make selection and hit delete rapidly a dozen or more times
  • Turn the encoder to scroll up - crash

Deleting samples? slices? The knob moves the cursor not selection?

What does this part mean? Turning the encoder moves the cursor…

Sorry about the lack of clarity I was rushing to write this while it appeared I had an angle on it.

Delete slices is correct.

Move the cursor up is correct.

But turning the encoder moves the cursor left and right. You have left some crucial step out methinks…

Not after hitting M1. M1 displays the slice points.

Oh wow! That’s going to be a pretty huge workflow improvement @odevices. Thank you!

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Ah you have the slice list open. At what point do you open it?

Here are the steps that I did, no crashing though:

  • Insert a slice at the end
  • Open the slice list
  • Insert 20 slices at the end (btw, inserting slices while the slice list is open is a bit nonsensical since it will always just duplicate an existing slice)
  • Now delete all the slices > slice list is now empty
  • Move the encoder > nothing happens

Oh amazing!
Copy and paste of units is a big deal thanks.
The pace of development here is second to none.


One sec! I think I got it! It was scrolling around in a (non-empty) slice list after deleting that was the key :bow: Thank you, @TimefireVR!


Thank you to @TimefireVR for helping find the “Delete Slices” bug!

v0.2.20 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Crash when scrolling in (non-empty) slice list after deleting slices.
  • FIXED: Paste command would not appear after Copy/Cut unless you first moved the cursor.