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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



And another quick feature request:

In scope mode, would it be possible to reduce the width of each level display so that ALL ins and outs could appear in the top display, without having to scroll left to right?

Failing that, maybe re-ordering things : IN, OUT, Gx, A-Dx

I guess the problem here is really having 7 things to display, but 6 soft buttons beneath. I need to think this through a little more…


@mudlogger @josker

FWIW - my advice is don’t sell the Piston Honda, I am most definitely keeping mine whatever happens - if nothing else it does LFO which the ER-301 does not output!


Yeah, it’s a unique module - i did already sell mine - got frustrated with the slight quirks and odd CV ranges. But I do miss the sound!


I love all my Harvestman stuff, have almost 6U 104hp of it and it’s just magic, they all work together so well!

Anyway… we digress from the main topic :smiley:

Awesome posts @trickyflemming thank you!


second that, loop on, off for card player would be very useful!


i’ve had my mk1 whch i bought when it was originally released 7 years ago. I don’t think i’ll be selling it. I love all the mk1 stuff.


Grain Stretch : if i hit Menu/Shift Slices, i don’t see any way to go out from this mode and, for instance, go back editing slices. Do i miss something ?


Press CANCEL to exit without shifting slices. Press ENTER to commit the shift. This is the same for the other slice actions as well.


Ha !
I second @someoneelse who said before that the UP button should do the same action. Or maybe i should change my habits ?
Damn, i confess, i just discovered that there was a CANCEL button !!!


thanks for these tipps…but i’m struggling to get the playhead to scan the loaded sample…
can somebody explain this patch step by step?
edit: nevermind, managed to figure it out!


v0.3.04 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Sample & Hold > Broken by v0.3.03 update.
  • FIXED: Freeverb > Stops producing audio if ‘size’ is modulated out of range.
  • ENHANCED: Variable Delay > Feedback is now modulate-able.
  • ENHANCED: Clocked Delay > Feedback is now modulate-able.
  • ENHANCED: Freeverb > Reduced CPU usage by more than 50%. Now 4% on 48kHz and 8% on 96kHz firmware.
  • NEW UNIT: uDelay > Cheaper and simpler version of the Fixed Delay unit. Use this instead whenever you need to nudge a signal forward in time for synchronicity.


i just realized that the abcd inputs introduce quite a bit of noise…at least when i try to modulate the phase within the sample scanner unit, even with nothing plugged into the abcd inputs, adding gain adds noise. is this just a very sensitive control?


You are on fire!
(In a good way.)

Grateful for your amazing output and stellar work ethic.



There are lots of potential sources for noise when using the Sample Scanner. Especially if you are using a long sample (more than a few seconds). The longer the sample, the more sensitive all of the inputs become.


ja the inputs become very sensitive, changing a parameter with the encoder works fine however.
anyway, superb updates and new units brian, very experimental and open…just the way i like my modular :star_struck:!!


One solution is to put a slew limiter between a CV signal and the Scanner. If using an audio signal as input, put a low-pass filter there.


Hey Brian, thanks for another super fast update, the CPU reduction on the free verb is allready loved by me and modulating the delay feedback will be a killer blast!


Wow… amazing! All really nice additions and tweaks - I particularly approve of the CPU usage refinements - very impressive.

And yes, @odevices is definitely blazing the trail… I can’t keep up with installing these updates, never mind writing them, I haven’t even got round to installing the last one yet :smiley:


added freeverb to end of chain: mixer - clocked delay - freeverb … no sound, freeverb doesnt work,
changed order to mixer - freeverb - delay …this worked, but it seems there is a bug with freeverb in certain places…


mixer channel meters sometimes only displays one channel although it’s a stereo signal.
i can repeat this by entering a mixer, cursor all the way to the right, leaving mixer and repeat this…mixer meter changes between showing only one channel activity and both channels.