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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Thank you for the report! I’m thinking this is already fixed in v3.05:


That’s odd. I remember specifically being proud of myself for remembering to take care of this before releasing modulate-able feedback. I’ll take another look :sweat_smile:


Thank you, Neil :+1:

Am I weird for getting warm fuzzy feelings from reading a crash report that so clearly and concisely indicates the cause for the crash? Is that awesome or what?!


I disagree that this is your error. :bowing_man:

Clearly, I need to put in some safeguards for when kernel memory is running low. At the moment, believe or not, there is absolutely nothing. Sample memory has safeguards and the system will duly notify you when you have run out and do something sane (like abort the action instead of crashing). Kernel memory on the other hand will be happily handed out right up until the moment there is nothing left at which point it can do nothing else but crash.

Have you ever made a patch on the ER-301 that is less than 70% CPU usage? :thinking:


So does this mean my pool was near the limit or was this a different part of memory? I believe I had two files in the pool, one was a 10 second mono buffer and the other was a 15 minute file. I’ll be back in the dungeon again tomorrow and will check the sizes. I didn’t think it was near the ceiling though.


Fuzzy Logic :wink:


No this would be kernel (aka system) memory which is separated from sample memory. I’m trying to remember why I did that. It seemed to make sense at the time…


I’m a true glutton of units, what can I say!


I noticed the same thing on the Variable and Fixed Delay.


Don’t pay too much attention to the current state of the Quicksaves UI. It is due for an overhaul. I want to keep the slot mechanism but make the connection to the underlying quicksave files more obvious and accessible to the user. Also, I’ll be adding options to let you choose what parts of the state of the ER-301 are included in the quicksave.



Sorry, I am a beginner and I should perhaps learn to better use the module before making bug reports. :sweat_smile:
All this may be normal and I do not know the commands to fix it except by deleting the unit.


No at all! A unit shouldn’t let its computations runaway due to feedback or instability. :+1:


I just ran into this issue the day before yesterday, I made a quick save assuming that all the channels information would be saved, but only the active one at the time of saving was saved. I realized I didn’t really know how the quicksave slots worked, and haven’t found a clear picture in forum or wiki. It was 41 degrees here, so forgive me if this is prominently described somewhere, perhaps my search capacities heat addled! What parts of the state of the ER-301 are currently intended to be included in quicksave?


Currently, a quicksave saves (almost) everything! Take a look at the list here:



is exceedingly weird. I wonder what happened? :thinking: Is it reproducible?


Ahh, I didn’t even register Persistence as a potential heading underneath which I might find Quicksaves! Guess I should have been more persistent in my searching!

It definitely had only one channel saved, I’ll look over it again in the morning and see if I can reproduce it. At the time I just shrugged and thought it was one of those faulty memory moments, so at least glad to know that quick save had been working as I assumed/recalled.


@odevices argh sorry ! didn’t realize there was a fix … thanks !


Hehe yeah, blink and you’ll miss another update :smiley:


While I really appreciate the, umm, quickness of the quicksaves, I think what I appreciate more is the ability to save and recall more of the ER-301 state than any other save mechanism. E.g. more than one channel chain, global chains, etc. Right now they are the only way to store/recall/share presets that span more than one channel without extra fuss/instructions around what chains to load where.

Thinking about it that way, even having 24 seems like a scarce resource. Not sure what the future plans are for more ways to save/share. If this is the way forward for multi-channel presets with global components, any way the number could be increased to unlimited, perhaps with 24 being on hand for “quick” recall?


I’d even be all for quicksaves being the main method of saving/loading, and specific unit presets were secondary.

If the quicksave area followed the same type of V0.3 unit select navigation, even better! Especially if the user could define the sections… which could be ideas, or shows or whatever one would need.


Not reproducible, despite numerous attempts to come up with a similar scenario, so I think I’ll have to chalk that up to user error. I can’t recall the exact sequence prior to the quicksave. Perhaps I inadvertently cleared that channel prior to/during the quicksave (although that seems a very difficult task to accomplish unconsciously).

I should point out that I’d only ever used quicksave to save one channel’s information in the past, so had not ever checked to see if other channels were saving.

In any case, more likely user error than potential bug. Sorry about that.