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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Tried out Lucky Pill and I can see the phase-modulating Sine Osc resetting correctly to a pulse on B1. In other words, the oscillator’s phase accumulator is reset to zero as per the behavior for hard sync.


Okay thank you for looking… I will look again and see where I have gone wrong or what I missed - no doubt something silly :slight_smile:


I tried to find threads that would cover these things but couldn’t find any, so I thought I´d ask here. Sorry if this isn´t the right thread for these subjects. :slight_smile:


Interesting observation, I think this may be a patching convention, i.e. if I want to add a sample and hold and a noise generator, I would invariably add the sample and hold first so I didn’t end up with noise in my patch. I’m sure there are other examples like this and probably some that would naturally fall the other way too, but I can’t say as it’s ever bothered me.


That is true. I´m just getting started with the 301 so I thought it would be good to get some perspective from more experienced users. The filter setting question is the one I´m most curious about, because it would be useful to be able to add a filter to the chain without changing the sound by doing so.


Absolutely - I would much prefer a fully open filter, by default, for this reason.


I believe there are plans to implement unit presets in the future, so I guess this will come :slight_smile:


@odevices Current .05 firmware 48kHz:

Load Sample Player and assign sample
Load Global unit: Bokeh. Clock on A1 from PNW
Assign: V/Oct, Speed, Slice, Shift using the Bokeh unit and the CPU is at about 80%
Remove Bokeh from Slice and Shift and CPU drops to about 50%
Load Custom Unit after the Sample Player: Ultraviolet (current version) and CPU only goes up about 11%

When I Bypass both the Sample Player and Ultraviolet the CPU only drops to about 48% - I have it set in settings to Disable a unit when bypassing it.

I removed Sample Player and Ultraviolet and with Bokeh still loaded as a Global Unit my CPU is running at 16%
Remove the Bokeh Unit and CPU drops to 3%

If nothing is calling the Global Unit and Bypass is set to Disable would it make sense to also disable the Global Unit if nothing is referencing it?

Situation 2:

Load Sample Player and assign sample, set to Loop and CPU runs at 5%
Load Ultraviolet and CPU goes to 39%
Bypass Ultraviolet and CPU drops to 30% - I expected CPU to go back down to 5% or at least a lot more than than it did

Another part of my dilemma here is that in the first situation Ultraviolet adds 11% to the CPU load and in the second situation it appears to add 34% load to it.

I have no expectations of what goes on next regarding my report, maybe everything is hunky dory normal and is working as expected, but something doesn’t feel right so I thought I’d share my observations and see if you glean something from it.


From all the random testing I’ve done in my own situation, it would appear that the sample player doesn’t fully disable if within a custom unit or mixer.


Re: Bypass not disabling a patch completely.

I think I see the problem. It seems that units, 2 or more levels deep, are not getting disabled, maybe…let me look into this a little bit more.


(Apology for bringing up a different topic, but) I believe many of us are patiently waiting for a ‘guitar-pedal-style’ looper, something you can simply record and overdub, without assigning set length of buffer, and without reducing volume when overdubed. If it’s realized I think it’ll be a game changer, especially for those who play guitar and stuff…


Apologies for keeping you waiting! Just a little bit longer please. :bowing_man:


Thank you @odevices ! I just didn’t wanna let this idea disappear…


might I submit a FR for V3?

ER101 support via the rear connector.

Honestly, I see all the chatter about I2C and it bums me out a litter, because I’d like to have this rear conenction with existing OD devices in my system.

I understand the Teletype is very powerful and why it’s happening so no need to explain that :slight_smile:



Thanks for bringing this up. I would like to see this as well.




Would also love to see MIDI exposed in a unit so that we could connect a simple (like the Disting MIDI breakout) module to the rear. Though I know Brian doesn’t want to do this, it would be awesome as still live in hope of using the Er301 as an MPE device. Also have to believe there are more people out there using MIDI than Teletype


I can definitely say this won’t happen in firmware v0.3.xx. Sorry! :bowing_man:

Just a friendly reminder that the “everyone is doing it” argument doesn’t motivate me (see name of business). :sunglasses: A collaboration with the Teletype was just too fun to pass up.


And the tuner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that would be very helpful!


I know, I know. And I love you for it!!! :slight_smile: