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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



And is demanding that you replace the first half dozen or so videos you shot!


All this excitement is good motivation for me to finish the acoustic piece I’m working on. Thanks @odevices :pray:


Excellent work Brian !!! Thanks @odevices


Hi Brian!

I have a question and a few thoughts:

Question: Is having user saved presets accessible in the chooser abandoned moving forward?

Entering into any Unit’s Menu
When Entering a unit’s menu, the M soft key release is sometimes triggering the menu option assigned to the same key.

Sample Player

Regarding the autoslicing:

Autoslice mode
-Could it also display the number of slice divisions along with the ms? Gets a little tricky counting beyond 16 when zoomed out.

-within this mode, muscle memory assumes the “up” button will take us back to the prev screen instead of exiting back to the chain view. Ergonomically, would it feel better having the “up” button function the same as “cancel”?

-might be good to have a little “press Enter to set slices, cancel (or up) to cancel” on the sub screen. I couldnt figure out if the info currently down there was required in this view or not?


Normalize: would love a global pref for setting where to normalize to (ie: -12/-6/0db FS) - or maybe turn this into a gain setting. Would be rad if there was a global pref for normalizing the entire buffer or the cursor selection.

Cut option - I’m assuming this is to remove the selected chunk of audio? It was not always behaving this way on longer files, unless it was a waveform updating error. I’ll investigate further.

From an editing ergonomics POV, wondering if the main slicing screen menu should be more aware of what’s happening. Ie: When editing and placing slices, you see the usual “snap/insert/delete”, and when the audio waveform is selected holding shift, these would update to the most common audio editing tasks without having to menu dive: Fade in/Fade out/normalize (or gain?) /trim/cut/menu? I feel like when I highlight the waveform and press delete, it should be deleting audio instead of a slice if that makes any sense?

Verbal error at 2:37 - I meant to say “that should be four right?”


Hell yes! :metal: :santa: :metal:


Holy moly, but the named changes ARE big… what can get bigger??


Sample Player Bug

-load any sample (or not)
-menu - slice sample
-menu - slice on grid or slice on onset
-pres fine/course button so “fine” led is lit
-hold fine/course button
-move encoder

Oops! (Nice crash ysod!) :smiley:

Looper Bug
-Had a 5 second buffer I was recording to in mono. I went to wiggle the dub fader and … Ooops!


Having tons of fun here modulating the reverb size … WOW !


So awesome! Thank you so much for this!
Some glitchy stuff going on here when placing a looper and grain stretch after one another; when focussing on the looper waveform, scrolling becomes really slow; leaving the window open shows frequent peaks in CPU. The grain stretch unit sharing the same buffer as the looper doesn’t show a waveform, though leaving this window open doesn’t affect the cpu in any way.

Menu update is so so good and loving the free verb … thank you


The grain stretch is sooooo goood!!!


Ooohhhh!!! Thank you so much!!!


Grain strech and reverb! Love it!


Oh yes!! can’t wait to try this now!


So excited to see the LUA SDK stuff start to drip out! Should really increase the community’s ability to pitch in and help nurture the environment. Would love to hear some of your ideas on things you’re planning on trying to build, that way we can avoid possible duplication of effort.


Love this one!


I may be being dense here… How does one zoom while in the sample slicer?


Hold Zoom and rotate the Encoder


I don’t see zoom when I’m in the slicer. Just snap, insert, delete, and menu.


Go up one menu level.


Ok the patch I was doing sounds twice as good liberated by 0.3.