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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Thank god!


Anyone else here wishing for a new firmware to enter the holiday weekend with???


Well, not that I don’t have plenty still to explore. But I’d graciously accept it. :slight_smile:


will you be able to load multiple samples into a single sample player and it will add a slice for every sample, so you can for example drop a whole folder of one hit drum samples into a sample player? also, i think a proper vocoder unit and a Formant filter unit would be awesome additions to the 301. have these been suggested yet?


I think you can already do that :


I have hopefully a small request…

Would it be possible to have an option in the sample pool/card section for the sample preview to either play when the button is pushed or to automatically play?
I find myself constantly hitting the button when scrolling through samples, it would be a workflow enhancement to have them just play when I scroll through the folder.

Also for another enhancement, when pushing a button to select a parameter, I find myself wanting to push the button again to deselect it instead of using the arrow button. I think this would speed up the workflow as you could hit the button, edit the parameter then hit the button to deselect, scroll to the next parameter and select that. To me it just feels more natural.
I’m sure this won’t work in all scenarios but for the most part it would speed up using the 301 without external control.


After making a quicksave I noticed that the inputs used in that quicksave are not reflected in the contextual menu when that quicksave is focused (Inputs: none) - any cause for concern there? V0.3.05 48kHz Thanks


I’m trying to insert an adsr unit within a custom unit and when I try to define the input (which would be a gate) there’s a message that says ‘unit input only’, and I’m unable to select anything. This is likely to be normal, and I’m just missing something. thanks


also, I have defined local inputs for a custom unit, but when I insert a manual grains player within this custom unit, I am able to see, but not select the local inputs.


Put the gate in front of the adsr unit rather than trying to use a subchain on the adsr ‘input’ control. That control is strictly an indicator and doesn’t support assignments.


great thanks


I had the same Q a few days ago, so thanks, Joe!

May I ask:

  1. What do you mean by ‘indicator’ here?
  2. How did you learn this? Is there some indication :clown_face: or did you simply deduce based on tinkering?

I’m one who always reads manuals to get my bearings, which of course is a bit of a challenge with the ER-301 :wink:



Yep, life can be a little crazy here on the bleeding edge firmware, eh? But that’s part of the fun of it. :slight_smile:

By “indicator”, I mean if you put a gate signal in front of this unit, you can see it flash when it receives a gate. You can also manually trigger the envelope from the ‘input’ control by focusing it and then clicking the button under ‘fire’ in the lower screen. It looks like there is a way to assign something to it, but you can’t access it. Not sure if that means something will be happening with it in the future… maybe!

Missed this one.

What do you mean by ‘defined local inputs?’ What are you trying to assign, and to what?


sorry, but with the latest firmware, I can’t put a gate input in front of the adsr, only another unit.


Are you inside the top level of a custom unit chain (after clicking “open”)? If so there are no external inputs available there - normally whatever signal is being fed into your custom unit would appear here.

If you want to change that, insert a mixer there. Then go into the mixer’s sub-chain, and you’ll see the standard place to choose an input at the front of that chain.

Pretty much anywhere where you want to choose an input (Ax-Dx, IN 1-4, G1-4) and don’t see a place to do it at the front of the chain, you can insert a mixer (or potentially an offset) and select the input in it’s sub chain.


by ‘defined local inputs’ I mean the inputs that are defined when selecting ‘edit controls’ and then ‘add control here’ to pick among linear, decibel, pitch, gate, toggle, and trigger inputs that can be used later as ‘local inputs’ for the units created within the custom unit. hope that’s clear! appreciate the help


Gotcha. When you click ‘edit controls’, you are defining custom controls. They are not “inputs”, so to speak. Nothing in front of the custom unit will flow into them. You can set up a signal on those controls’ sub chains, and those chains can use one of the physical inputs as it source (or they can use a global chain, or have their own internal chain).

The linear control is especially good for that. Remember to set the gain on the linear control’s sub chain to 1.0 (or some value other than 0) or it won’t work, and it’s value will always be zero while you scratch your head wondering why. Rookie mistake that I continue to make from time to time. :wink:

So on to the second part of your question:

Which of the manual grains unit’s controls are you trying to assign to one of the ‘locals’? If you are trying to process a live input signal, the manual grains does not do that. It only works on sample files. However, you can pull it off by assigning it the same buffer file as a sample recorder that is recording the live input. You could put the looper right in front of the manual grains. Manual grains will block the output of the sample recorder. Then just set them up to point to the same (short) buffer file.


thanks Joe, I’ll try your out your suggestions when I get back to the unit tomorrow.


@NeilParfitt made a tutorial video about doing this, if you want a nice walk through.



OK, full confession: I am one of those people that don’t install updates instantly, but rather wait a few days to see the initial bunch of bugs ironed out.
There were few reports of problems reported, though I am not seeing much last couple of days.
Are things relatively “stabile” at the moment?
Is there a bug fixing update coming up?
I am really itching to give the new firmware a go!