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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



I was using the looper last evening on the latest firmware and think the dry signal coming in (on input 4) is getting mixed in with the output even when the “wet” control is set to 100. Could someone please try to replicate this behavior and hopefully it is just something I’m doing incorrectly on my end as I’ve never experienced this issue in the past. Thanks!


If the dub > 0 then you are going to hear what you just recorded.


My dub setting is at 55 and I really believe I hear the input signal (the “dry” signal") getting mixed in with the looper’s output. Will triple check this evening again and report back.


Yup. 55 > 0. So you should hear the input (assuming you are punched in). :sunglasses:


OK, then to confirm what should the dub and wet settings be set at to not hear the input at all when you are punched in? I always assumed that the “wet” control at 100 you would always only hear what was playing in the buffer and the “dub” level controls the amount of new audio you add to the buffer? I’m using an AUX send on my mixer to send my audio into the 301 so I do not need to hear what I am recording through the 301 while recording if that makes sense?


Your assumptions are all correct. 100% wet means you only hear what is playing from the looper’s buffer and in this case you are hearing the new audio that was just recorded to the buffer.

At the moment, there is no way to prevent hearing what you are recording except by involving other units. For example, I personally hardly ever use the punch toggle (which I plan to get rid of) but instead modulate the dub parameter like this:

  • external gate > ADSR > Looper(dub)

This lets me record only when the gate is high. This same control structure (fed with the same external gate) could be use to close a VCA that is placed after the Looper.


That makes more sense now and thank you for the explanation and suggestion. I will give it a try this evening and see how the alternative method works for me. Looking forward to that dedicated looper unit when you can get to it. :heart_eyes:


Soon! Just recharging a bit before the next big push.


Well deserved recharge I’m sure, enjoy!


As you recharge, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. :slight_smile:


So. Lazy.



The new year’s day is coming, and in Japan it’s counterpart for Christmas in the West. @odevices take a good rest at least during the first three days in January!






Yes, I think some Kuro-mame and perhaps Nishiki tamago in order!

Healthy and prosperous New Year wishes to you Brian.


Hey Brian, I have two ext oscillators inside of their own dedicated mixer units on the same channel. Noticing that when I add a fold unit to either mixer, the effects of modulating threshold affect both oscillators, regardless of which mixer has the fold unit inside of it. Is this expected? Thanks and Happy New Year!


Not sure if I got it right - I thought “How much? - all” would mean that the sample is played from a slice on completely till the end so that you can assign slices as multiple starting points but it is not so. It just plays the whole sample from the beginning and ignores the slices, right? I am sure that there is something useful about this but I would have liked the other way more I think.

Also I am experiencing this one too:

Another thing that occurs to me with the delay is when I dial in clock divisions, the value tends to jump back after some time as if the encoder resolution needs to be stabilized a bit.


Not sure how far you are along with the initial concept for the “pedal looper” unit but my first suggestion would be figuring out a way to speed up the process by eliminating the necessity to navigate to the “assign buffer” page. Possibly when you select the looper unit you would immediately be prompted to create a new buffer and select the length or BPM? Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for this as I use the looper A LOT on the 301 :wink:


in a normal pedal looper you don´t set the length before, but the length is set when you hit the rec button the second time:-)
thats the important difference:slight_smile:


Happy New Year, everyone! :dog2: