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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Sounds like it


Yes it will.
Make a copy of your files off the SD card before you re-format.
Then move them back in.


I can’t seem to find any technical information on this. Sounds like MIDI? I also don’t see any headers on the back of the Varigate 8+ which probably means the communication is done over the CV/Gate rails of your power busboard? Those pins are not connected to anything on the ER-301 unfortunately. I suppose one could DIY a cable from the ER-301 UART to the CV/Gate rails on the bus board. :thinking:


Sample memory can’t be reclaimed until all units that are using the sample release it. There is also the possibility that you were experiencing memory fragmentation.


How does this work without clipping? :thinking:


Yes, I thought so too - how can I make the sample player releasing a sample then? :thinking:


This is how the very popular ditto loopers work too … Not sure how clipping is prevented - presumably the loops are recorded with a certain headroom buffer, or there’s some limiting algorithms going on. I also initially envisaged the looper in the ER-301 would work like this (similar to the sound on sound function in the 4MS DLD) so it’s taken a bit of adjusting :slight_smile:


Good question and I do not know the answer. The only thing I can think of is that here is some sort of multitrack memory management going on. Reason I guess this is because there is only one wav file per loop track (on the Boss RC300 or 505), but you can undo last dub per track, until you do another dub, then it becomes permanent.

Not sure if this helpful, but the fact that the first loop does not get progressively quieter with new dubs, not does it get louder and you can always hear the dry instrument coming in is a key feature and have not been able to figure out how to replicate with the dry/ wet and dub settings in the ER301.

The other key feature is variable length loop, which think you can do now, you just need a reset marker set on punch outthatcould be routed internally


Bug fixes!!

v0.3.08 CHANGES

  • (HOPEFULLY) FIXED: Crash when recording to some SD cards.
  • (HOPEFULLY) FIXED: Card formatting sometimes failed.
  • FIXED: Card speed measurments were not reflecting actual speeds in practice.
  • FIXED: Card speed measurement would use too much memory and silently fail, yielding 0MB/s speed measurements.
  • FIXED: Teletype needed to disabled and re-enabled in order for a newly selected slave address to take effect.
  • FIXED: Minimum slew for Teletype CV changes was 2ms. Now the minimum is 0ms.


Adding jumpers from the UART to the bus board wouldn’t be out of the question!

I don’t believe it’s MIDI. Reach out to Ben Davis from Malekko and he can discuss the protocol with you.


Following the manual the varigate 8+ sends a clock signal via the bus board to clock another varigate or a voltage block in slave mode. It is mainly used to sync sequencing modules together. I don’t know if there is that much use in it connection with the ER-301 here.


Hmm, so what does one do with 786 seconds of slew…? :upside_down_face:


Quaaludes or lots of valium.


i think 786 sec. is more Quaaludes then Valuim…and the most common use is of course to slew the modulation of a Nonlinearcircuits Sloth


“ENHANCED: SD card file system improvements (speed and other things…:female_detective:). In order to get the advantages, from now on you should ALWAYS format your card with the ER-301 like this: Admin > Card Console > Format Card (S2).”

So I need to blank the card ?


It’s midi i think. It’s the same protocol the mungo modules use. And they use midi for that.


I think it’d be useful for a shared master clock and start/stop. Also for saving of presets across multiple modules.


I had a reproduceable crash yesterday in the evening (I was still on 0.3.7, i can try it tonight with 0.3.8): All I did was boot the ER-301, insert a sample player on channel 1, focus on that sample player and try to load a preset. I don’t have any presets for the sample player stored, maybe it has something to do with that? It was originally a missclick - I wanted to assign a sample, but accidentally pressed the button for load preset instead - then the unit froze and I got curious, so I tried again and that was the minimal amount of steps necessary to freeze the er-301.


Can confirm that here as well with 0.3.08 48kHz. I have an empty channel, insert a sample player, choose “load preset” and browse in folder without loading preset (likewise I have no presets in the folder). If I go back to menu and choose slice sample the ER-301 freezes.

edit: In my instance it’s related to opening the “slice sample” menu without a sample loaded. If I save a preset, load that preset (in sample player) and then return to slice sample menu without loading a sample it again hangs. If I load a preset and then assign a sample, it does not hang.


Formatting your card will delete all of its data.