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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



running latest OS. I’m running into an issue when recording with the 6 track recorder and then loading that sample into a sample player to slice up. For some reason the inserts I create aren’t lining up with where my cursor is, the slice which I insert are jumping back. I’m sure I must be doing something wrong… thanks!


It’s most likely having trouble finding a zero-crossing. Hold SHIFT and press insert to place the slice without snapping to the nearest zero-crossing.


I know it has been quiet in this thread but don’t worry! Next release is coming before the end of the month! :wink:


Concerning the new zoom features – I don’t know if I had this message written somewhere, but can’t find it now:

Has the ability to zoom in on the waveforms been slightly diminished? It seems like you can’t zoom in as much as you could previously. It feels like it would be beneficial to be able to go in a bit deeper – time-wise, that is. Amplitude seems fine.


It was mentioned in another thread.

If you hold the fine/course button whilst in coarse mode the time is zoomed, if the fine button is lit and the button held you have amplitude zoom.

Is that what you meant?


I’m talking about the level of zoom you can achieve. If my memory doesn’t play tricks on me, previously you could zoom in more, so that you see a tiny amount of time on the screen. Great for setting loop points.


On a sampler device you are speaking? You can do that using the process I mentioned above, and it’ll take you down to about 23ms of zoom.


edit; moved my comment to a better thread for it…




How late am I to the “Slice on Grid” party? I had this sort of functionality listed in my notes for suggestion, and lo and behold it’s right here. So elegant and useful! :heart_eyes:


…and hit the beautiful bug message while messing around in there!

I’m on 0.3.05 48k - bug occurred while attempting to shift the slice grid of an active sample by a fine increment. I’ll upgrade when the new firmware is live.


May I have the crash report please? You can drop it here or email it.




Thank you! :bowing_man:


Sure thing! Also - unless this has been addressed already post .05 (I didn’t see it in the changelog): Fixed Delay feedback level can go out of bounds.


I just came to report this new screen I’d never seen before, and it seems that @tomk’s already seen it…and I was doing pretty much the same thing. I’d recorded an input into a looper and then inserted a grain stretch after that. I loaded the same buffer and went to slice on onset but mistakenly slice to grid. When I went to shift slices I had the above message. I went back to try to recreate it but only loaded a grain stretch (without the looper in front) and loaded a prerecorded sample, sliced to grid, but did not get a crash on shifting slices.


Already fixed in the upcoming firmware. :wink:


Roger that.


Really hoping the cross-fade unit will be in the next release - this will open up building custom FX units that can be placed into any audio flow in the ER301…


You could build one as a custom unit as a temporary workaround:

  • Add two VCAs
  • Set one to full volume, the other to silence.
  • Add the same modulation source (custom control) to the gain of each VCA.
  • Set the full volume VCA’s modulation source depth so that it turns down the gain as it goes positive.
  • Set the silent VCA’s modulation source depth so that it increases the gain as it goes positive.
  • As a bonus last step, you can add two more VCAs for Level 1 and Level 2 gain controls.

With this wrapped in a Custom Unit, only a Fade parameter needs to be visible. You would have to open the unit after adding it to place the effects/generators inside of it. It will be interesting to see what the “topology” unit designs will be like, though!