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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Thanks for the patch description - maybe I’m missing something but having two VCAs in series isn’t going to allow the same signal to be routed through two different FX paths?


D’oh! Forgot a critical step. You’ll want to create two Mixer Channels inside of the Custom Unit first. From there, you’ll put the VCAs in. Alternatively, you don’t even need the VCAs, as you could just modulate the gain on the Mixer Channels.


Ah, I see but that doesn’t pass the audio coming into the two mixers from the left … So if I wanted to have two FXs routes I’d need to embed a sample player into each mixer (with the same sample playing) which is not what I’m after. Am I making any sense here?

  • Add your Sampler as a Global Chain
  • Go to each Mixer’s input selection.
  • Choose “Global”. Select your Sampler.


:slight_smile: as I pressed the reply button I thought of this too! Thanks!

When I play live I load around 10 chains over the course of a set with each having 2-3 sample players - I think I need to see how to use you’re suggestion in this context. It might turn out to be a better way of organising how I’m using the ER301.

Thanks for your patience too!


:fire: This is the release that exposes the Middle Layer aka Patching with Lua. :fire: I’ll be starting a thread specific to the Middle Layer SDK.

v0.3.09 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Unit Control > Focus pressing a unit control no longer toggles the context view. Instead, focus pressing will unfocus the control. Pressing ENTER still toggles views, however. (@leverkusen)
  • FIXED: Any Player > Crash when leaving slice view that has no sample assigned. (@x2mirko @sixnon)
  • FIXED: Sample Recorder > Zipper noise when decreasing fade time.
  • FIXED: Fixed Delay > Feedback path had a fixed 128 sample delay, now reduced to 0 samples.
  • FIXED: Fixed Delay > Runaway feedback when modulating feedback above 0dB. (@tomk)
  • FIXED: Fixed Delay > Clicks and pops when changing the delay time.
  • FIXED: Delays have been renamed for clarity. Fixed Delay is now just Delay and is the most typical form of the delay. Variable Delay has been renamed to Doppler Delay to emphasize its FM character (i.e. pitch changes when you modulate the delay time). The Pitch Shifting Delay has been renamed to Grain Delay to reflect its underlying algorithm.
  • FIXED: Slicing View > Zero crossing search made more robust against long stretches of a constant value (i.e. silence).
  • FIXED: Clocked Delay > Ambiguous ‘numerator’ and ‘divisor’ terminology replaced with clock ‘multiplier’ and ‘divider’ terminology to match other units.
  • FIXED: Slicing View > Crash when zooming in the Slice Shift tool. (@tomk)
  • FIXED: All units that use samples > There was no way to detach a sample from a unit.
  • ENHANCED: Slicing View > Deleting slice in the same pixel as the cursor regardless of order. (@sunshinelover)
  • ENHANCED: Slicing View > Upon pressing delete (slice), if there is no slice inside the current view then no slice will be deleted.
  • ENHANCED: File Browser > Sample preview loops when the sample is less than 50ms, otherwise it plays it once.
  • ENHANCED: Sample Recorder > Replaced dub parameter with feedback parameter which controls how much of the original recording to mix with the input.
  • ENHANCED: Sample Recorder > Create and attach a buffer in one step without going to the Sample Pool.
  • ENHANCED: Clocked Delay > No longer changes pitch when clock tempo changes.
  • ENHANCED: Clocked Delay > CPU usage reduced 50% with no reduction in quality.
  • ENHANCED: Clocked Delay > Added spread/nudge parameter to offset the tap forward or backward from the clock. In the stereo version of this unit, nudge becomes spread which nudges the left channel forward in time while nudging the right channel backwards.
  • ENHANCED: Delay, Spread Delay and Clocked Delay > Added menu item to set maximum delay time (0.1s, 1s, 10s, or 30s).
  • ENHANCED: Card Player > Added menu item to switch between ‘play once’ and ‘loop’.
  • ENHANCED: Sample Player > Added menu item to select interpolation quality (none, linear, quadratic).
  • ENHANCED: All units that use samples > Now possible to choose a sample directly from the card without going to the Sample Pool.
  • ENHANCED: Tap Tempo > Removed tempo parameter (use a Clock unit instead). Added multiplication parameter.
  • ENHANCED: Clock and Tap Tempo > Added menu item to enable/disable integer rounding of multipliers and dividers.
  • ENHANCED: Pulse to (Seconds, Frequency) units > Added multiplier and divider controls.
  • ENHANCED: System Settings > New settings for enabling/disabling various confirmations.
  • ENHANCED: Unit Controls > Digital readouts on the modulate-able controls can now show the post-modulation value (instead of the bias value). Just go over to Admin > System Settings to enable the new behavior.
  • ENHANCED: Middle Layer Exposed > Place your custom unit library in ER-301/libs and it will be automatically loaded when the front SD card mounts.
  • NEW UNIT: Spread Delay > Instead of separate left and right delay times, one delay time is shared by both channels while the (%) spread parameter nudges the left channel forward in time and the right channel backwards in time, or vice versa. Available in stereo chains only.
  • NEW UNIT: Clock > Simple clock source with modulate-able rate, multiplier, divider and pulse width. Comes in 3 flavors: secs, BPM, and Hz.
  • NEW UNIT: Pedal Looper > Simple looper inspired by pedal loopers.
  • NEW UNIT: Quantize To Clock > Quantizes gates to a given clock.
  • NEW UNIT: Deadband Filter > Output only changes when a change in the input exceeds a given threshold. Used for cleaning up noisy control signals without sacrificing responsiveness.


Installed and starting to explore :slight_smile:


same here :smiley:


About to cycle home and install :slight_smile:


my face looks like this:




About to install! YAY!


I’m almost too excited to read the extensive update log! Almost…:slightly_smiling_face:


excited about these updates! and all the new delay features! question about NEW UNIT: Pedal Looper- does this address the issues in Techniques for Real-time Data-driven Synthesis thread where you were going to do something with ring buffer for smoother real time processing?


Oh yes!!!


Bug Report: Boot up, load a Grain Stretch unit, press button under title of unit twice (i.e. navigate to where you should be able to select buffer etc.). Instant crash, nothing else required. I have a crash.log if you need it, but I guess this is easy enough to reproduce?

Here’s the log:

Time Since Boot: 8.979s
Version: 0.3.09 (unstable)
Boot Count: 141
Mount Count: 1
Error Message:
X:/builtins/Player/GrainPlayer.lua:232: attempt to index a nil value (field 'mono')
stack traceback:
	X:/builtins/Player/GrainPlayer.lua:232: in function 'builtins.Player.GrainPlayer.onLoadMenu'
	X:/Unit/init.lua:532: in function 'builtins.Player.GrainPlayer.showMenu'
	(...tail calls...)
	X:/Unit/ViewControl/Header.lua:98: in function 'Unit.ViewControl.Header.spotReleased'
	X:/SpottedStrip/Section.lua:227: in function 'builtins.Player.GrainPlayer.spotReleased'
	X:/SpottedStrip/init.lua:253: in function 'SpottedStrip.spotReleased'
	X:/SpottedStrip/init.lua:240: in function 'SpottedStrip.mainReleased'
	X:/Base/Widget.lua:151: in function 'SourceChooser.SourceControl.sendUpHelper'
	X:/Base/Widget.lua:141: in function 'SourceChooser.SourceControl.sendUp'
	X:/Context.lua:192: in function 'Context.notify'
	X:/Application.lua:142: in upvalue 'notify'
	X:/Application.lua:231: in upvalue 'dispatch'
	X:/Application.lua:317: in function 'Application.loop'
	x:/startup/start.lua:54: in function <x:/startup/start.lua:47>
	[C]: in function 'xpcall'
	x:/startup/start.lua:57: in main chunk
	[C]: in function 'dofile'
	[string "dofile('x:/startup/start.lua')"]:1: in main chunk
Recent Log Messages:



  • FIXED: Grain Stretch > Crash in the unit menu. (@x2mirko)


Can confirm that it works now. Thanks!


Next bug report (I’m sorry :sweat_smile:): Load SC.TR or SC.CV unit -> “Failed to load unit”. No further logging.

Tried disabling and enabling Teletype-integration, but to no avail.


Exciting update! Thanks Brian!!


Sorry for a probably stupid question, but what am I doing wrong here? I downloaded the new firmware and dragged the folder to the sd card. When I install the sd card to the 301 and try to install the new firmware, it says that the card is empty. I tried dragging the stuff separately and as one folder to the sd card.