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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Are you putting the .zip file on the card? You should be.


When you flip the bottom left STORAGE switch to Eject, is it saying failed to mount?


Not at the moment but the first time I tried it did. Now it says Ejected. Safe to remove.


I got my first failed to mount a few minutes ago, but hasn’t happened since. I’d say restart and make sure the .zip file is copied over.


Have you guys reformatted your SD cards using one of the last couple of firmware versions where @odevices made some changes relating to the SD cards? I’ve not had a problem since I reformatted.


Haven’t! Thanks for the reminder :+1:


Okay, it seems like I´m even more retarded than I thought. I won’t go into details. I tried it again and it´s working perfectly. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club of self recognition where things become clear in ego damaging ways :slight_smile:


Honestly that´s just what I need :smile:


You guys are on your own until tomorrow! :hear_no_evil: Good luck!

v0.3.11 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Teletype units > Failing to load. (@x2mirko)


Party! :confetti_ball:


Super excited about this, especially the pedal looper. At first glance, does it allow the recorded buffer to be slowed down or accessed by a sample player? I didn’t see anything yet.


i’m new here - got my ER301 yesterday and THIS is overkill :star_struck:


Welcome! Good timing!


Pedal looper! Oh yaaaa! Going to be a long day at work :slight_smile:


For those of you who want a module for adding a tactile pedal interface to the Pedal Looper, this is what you want: https://market.monome.org/products/walk

EDIT: I use two of these pedals for Walk:


Nice - do the Yamaha’s feel “light”, or do they have some weight to them?


They feel super durable. Good, solid weight and resistance. I’ve used them for over a year without issue. They weigh about a pound each.

EDIT: I should add that they also work great with the Organelle for adding a guitar pedal feel.


Awesome - coming from the bass/effects world that’s exactly what I want to hear. Thanks!


Do you use an adapter to get the 1/4" plug down to 1/8"? Or do you use a module like the PulpLogic 1U?