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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



There I see slice, and zoom. I can zoom. But if I then hit “slice”, it doesn’t retain my zoom level the next level down. You?


Feature request for @odevices


In the slice window

hold down the fine/course button and turn the encoder. If the LED is on fine, move the encoder and you’ll adjust verticle height. If on coarse, hold and turn is horizontal.


That is SUPER sweet!


Bingo! That was it - thanks!. Dreamy! :slight_smile:

If anyone was looking for that second ER-301, they should maybe get it ordered. I can see the lead time doubling or tripling once news of 0.3 gets out lol.


thankyou so much!

  • really pleased to see sample manipulation, slicing and dicing being addressed more. A huge thankyou for that :slight_smile:


I’ve been researching and hovering around ordering an ER-301 for a couple of weeks now. My finger ever so lightly floating over the order button.

Then by chance I hop on the forum just now to see what’s new and 0.3.x drops. All the new units and the opening of the Middle Layer: “Fug, gonna be hard not to cave tonight.”

Then this post:

Instant cave. Ordered.

Looking forward to getting in on the action!


Welcome! Looking forward to you getting in on the action. :slight_smile:


:hearts:'ing everybody’s updates as it’s really the only thing I can do this evening. Enjoy! :sunglasses:


No words :scream_cat: Thanks @odevices


Thank you for the bug reports, @NeilParfitt and @Julian_Edwardes!

And thank you to everyone for all of your beautiful enthiusiasm! :star_struck:

v0.3.01 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Sample Player > Slice View > Cut operation was copying the wrong portions.
  • FIXED: Sample Player > Slice View > Zooming while onset/grid slicing caused a crash.
  • FIXED: Looper > Context View > Zooming causes a crash.
  • FIXED: Looper > Context View > Memory leak. GUI slows down (and possible crashes) when Looper context view is visible.


Thank YOU @odevices :slightly_smiling_face:




Yes. In fact, I :heart: sleeping. I’m told that I’m very good at it.


Just had my first session with the new firmware (Personal rule: always let @NeilParfitt test a new release for a few hours before updating).

This almost feels like cheating. The new granular player is excellent. I fought my instinct to slow everything down and had it play back an ambient recording at 10x speed but with -1100 on the pitch and longer grain sizes. This ended up reorganizing the sample in a compelling way that led to a 14 minute recording. Time to go mix and edit…


Did you try adding slice markers and changing the sample position being triggered? It’s glorious mayhem! :smiley:


Wow! Turbo!


Thanks again! Was about to comment on the GUI slowdown with only 35% CPU…


Thanks for this Brian! So excited to dig in


Grain stretch is a game changer :heart:️:pray:t2::tipping_hand_man:t3: