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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



can’t see either, should be a workaround…


Monome Walk provides ¼" jacks for pedals so there is no need for adapters.


Is there a way to save your Looper buffer?


I was just trying to source some of these a couple of days ago in Australia where they are around $55, but I’ve seen them at $76! They’re $14 in the US!


That looper is perfect! Works like a dream.


That’s my setup too. I love walk


Sweet update!
Two quick observations:
Pedal Looper records only in mono / only left channel when stereo.
Clocked Delay seems broken, does nothing…

Being able to save the recorded pedal looper audio is a must :pray:
Spread delay sounds good!
Loading samples direct from card is very welcome
Setting interpolation to none gives nice grit. :+1:

Thanks for your efforts Brian!


Thank you @odevices !


Some awesome, awesome stuff in this update, @odevices! Thank you for your continued hard work! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it seems the most recent firmware has broken the Wow and Flutter controls on Trash Tape. Can anyone else confirm before I update the unit?

EDIT: argh, this is why:
• ENHANCED: Clocked Delay > No longer changes pitch when clock tempo changes.


But I love that enhancement! :grinning:


Not me! Would be nice to have it both ways


on the new firmware i tried recording into the sample recorder/looper and then used that buffer in the grain stretch unit for real time granular processing, but the audio keeps stopping then starting up (the length of the buffer i think) then stopping, etc. didnt have this problem before the update.

also- i was hoping maybe the Pedal Looper would be good for this purpose but it seems you cant access it’s buffer to use in other units, so i guess ill stick with the samper recorder/looper unit.


Maybe @odevices can make a “tape” style delay based on the original clocked delay.


Easily remedied. A Clocked Delay is just a Tap Tempo object controlling a Delay object. I’ll whip up a Clocked Doppler Delay.


No, the potential for clicks when sharing a buffer between a player and a recorder going at different speeds has not been fixed yet.


Already started working on it just ran out of energy last night. :wink:


the complete stopping of audio im experiencing in grain stretch happens when i adjust the speed. once the audio cuts out it dosnt come back on until I adjust it a little one way or the other.


Yeah, I’m also not getting anything from the clocked delay. It seems like the audio just passes through it or the wet control is broken.

I really like that the delay time can be set much longer on the delay units. The scaling of the slider seemed off in Spread Delay - I raised the max time and the slider just goes to the top of the range and the number keeps increasing. The slider did not scale to the new, longer delay time.


I’m seeing this also. Looks like my last-minute refactoring wreaked some havoc. Fix coming up.