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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Just wanted to express my excitement in here. Love the many new features and enhancements.
Your hard work is much appreciated brian!


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Just had a freeze and crash when trying to save a custom unit containing three loopers and a manual grains. Also contained three gate2trig units by Joe, for use with manual latches. I don’t really know what went wrong…


v0.3.13 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Quantize To Clock > Was outputting a series of fast triggers rather than gates. (@chapelierfou)
  • ENHANCED: Pedal Looper > Added menu items to export recorded audio to a buffer in the Sample Pool.


I can believe it. This sounds like you ran out of kernel memory. Next release will try to address this. And many apologies for the loss of work! :bowing_man:


incredible !
…not only faster than your own Shadow,
even faster than Lucky Luke !!


No problem, I’ll try again. I’ve created this unit before in an older firmware. I was reaching about 67% cpu on the unit then but no crashes. The idea is to have a main recording buffer, a manual grains playing this same buffer, a looper inside the grains trigger to sample incoming clocks and a looper at the end of the chain recording the layers… hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


wow, really cool chain!


If it works yes :slight_smile: It’s based on this concept: https://youtu.be/a-E7Y6EnEsU


sorry if i missed it was there a custom unit posted for this concept? :heart_eyes:


not yet I think? I’ll share it when I’ve succeeded?


Please do share the unit when you have another one working.


will do!


2 possible bugs as of 0.3.12 - at least on 48k - ASDR loads with 100ms as the default for each parameter. Freeverb will lose sound if size gets near max.


Just updated Trash Tape for v0.3.12
Download in TT thread


@odevices Thank you so so so much for adding the option to disable sample interpolation!


@odevices, I’m just now upgrading from 0.3.05 to 0.3.13, and I’m noticing that the clocked delay is producing different delay times for the same input clock and settings. Is this to be expected? I’m using a roughly 1PPQ clock at 176BPM (roughly 3Hz), with a multiplier of 4 and a divisor of 5. Here’s a before-and-after clip:

Maybe it’s related to the additional delay time options somehow? Wasn’t there some funny math involved in the delay time computation before? If I increase the multiplier to 6 the delay time seems to roughly match the old value (haven’t measured it, though). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hmm, in more troubling news, I keep losing my Gx inputs. Have to power cycle to bring them back.


I hope I didn’t mess it up, but I believe you are getting different delay times because I’ve changed the “sense” of the multiplier (previously numerator) and the divider (previously the divisor). Now the multiplier and divider parameters are acting on clock frequency when previously they were acting on clock period (or delay time). This is to hopefully match better with prevailing modular terminology of clock dividers and clock multipliers which also operate on frequency.

FIXED: Clocked Delay > Ambiguous ‘numerator’ and ‘divisor’ terminology replaced with clock ‘multiplier’ and ‘divider’ terminology to match other units.

So in other words, just switch from 4/5 to 5/4 and you should get the same result.