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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Yes, I second that!


Okay, a bit of an odd one.

EDIT: Also a question: When you load a quicksave with a sample player present and a sliced file, can you somehow stop the player from looping the first slice over and over? Once you send it one trigger, it stops, but until then, it keeps on keeping on :-/

EDIT2: The v/oct problem shown in the video above seems to apply to every v/oct adjustment I have in that quicksave. WEIRD.


v0.3.14 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Pedal Looper > Pressing Undo while Overdubbing was broken.
  • ENHANCED: Pedal Looper > Menu item added to choose between rec>play and rec>overdub behavior.
  • ENHANCED: Pedal Looper > Menu item added to allow choosing exactly when and when not to pass input.
  • ENHANCED: Manual Grains > Added ‘squash’ parameter which you can use to squash the grain envelope smoothily into a box shape. The effect is the same as passing a Sine Envelope through a Limiter with the squash parameter corresponding to the pre-gain of the Limiter.
  • ENHANCED: Drastically reduced the amount of kernel memory needed when saving a preset or quicksave.

The new Pedal Looper menu items:

0033 0034

For example, here is how you would cause the Pedal Looper to only pass audio when recording:


A visualization of the Manual Grains squash parameter when granularizing a simple sine wave:



What firmware version was used to make that quicksave? Or if you don’t remember please send it to me and I will take a look.


Change the Play Count to once?


I sent you a quicksave, concerning the video.

The Play Count is set to ‘once’. FWIW, the sample player that keeps on looping a sample (actually entirely, not just one slice, sorry for the false info previously) is contained in this quicksave. Channel 2, within Mixer 1, you can find the sample player.


Many thanks for the pass input functions on the pedal looper. :heart_eyes: This will be of great use to me personally with my current workflow!


So just to report on what @josker and I found concerning his V/oct bug:

V/oct parameters become stuck when using the new System Setting that causes “actual” values to be displayed rather than the bias.


this is one of the reasons, why i use tons of fixed hpfs (16 tons to be exact) :sunglasses:, especially in front of limiters.
the other one being able to cut energy from audio streams…
let a alone the simple task of reducing bass frequencies when i’d like to attenuate them.

i also had the impression that the fixed hpf sounds different from the ladder hpf (which i like)
and that it might save cpu ressources, too. please, correct me
if i’m wrong…

but i was wondering whether the fixed hpf could get an adressable modulation source
for local controls and/or external modulation?
(i thought i had read that feature request somewhere, but didn’t find it)


i sincerely hope you can fix this without sacrificing that new sys setting, since i love it!


Squash! Hoping we get a pumpkin parameter next :smirk:


I would still like to see independent attack and release controls for the grain envelope, but ‘squash’ looks like a step in the right direction.


@odevices seems like quicksaves made in previous versions are losing their samples when I save them in 3.14? The chains are intact, just no samples associated


Dad jokes ftw

&& thanks for this Brian


Nobody made a joke about this being version 3.14-unstable Pi.


Not to mention curves and other odd shapes!



Indeed. Now that I think about it, skewed sine + squash would probably go a long way…


Awesome!! Thanks


I loaded a sample player on a track and wasn’t able to change most of the playback options (wanted to change play count to loop). Using 3.14, 48k

Seems to affect native player and card player as well.


I’m on it!