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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Which reminds me. I should add squash to the Skewed Sine Envelope.


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v0.3.15 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Players > Some options settings in the unit’s menu were not adjustable. @jonny
  • FIXED: Unit Controls > V/oct controls were not adjustable when System Settings > “Displayed value for unit controls” set to “actual”. @josker
  • FIXED: Sample Recorder (Looper) renamed as Manual Looper.
  • ENHANCED: Manual Looper > Added menu item to turn latching on and off for the engage and punch controls. @miminashi
  • ENHANCED: Unit Header > Removed the “re-init” command that no one uses and in its place there is now a “replace” command! Certain units that are similar enough will even bring over control settings and their subchains. @swhic




This is a big deal to me, if it’s what I think it is. I’d love to be able to record with the latching gates from my Walk module.


Dig that latching mode… would love to see this also on the pedal loopers overdub control.


Actually I have used re-init occasionally. But this is probably more useful. :wink:

Edit: I guess you can just replace with the same unit and that will re-init. Right?


Hei! is there a button(combo) to reset the parameters value to his original value? btw is there a thread for random question?:confused:


I think SHIFT/HOME does this, doesn’t it?


Perfect update! Thank you Brian
But where is the dub fader in the sample recorder!?!?


It’s been renamed


But why?
I read all and just see that
I don’t understand why remnaming dub to feedback?


It’s not just a renaming. The previous dub control was cross-fading between the input and the previously recorded material. The feedback control is simpler and just controls how much of the previously recorded material to mix in with the input signal (untouched).

After building the Pedal Looper, I came around to the feedback method because I found it to be more versatile. In other words, now you can control the input level and the level of the previously recorded material independently, whereas, before with the dub control you could not.


This whole forum is dedicated to random questions. If you can’t find a thread that is related to your question then feel free to start one.


That is correct. Notice the ZERO printed under the house. Also, if you press CANCEL after changing a parameter (but before unfocusing it), it will return to the value that it had when you first focused the parameter.

In other words, whenever you focus a parameter, the ER-301 saves the current value of the parameter. Pressing CANCEL restores this saved value.


Not really. It will restore everything perfectly to the way you had it before. If you feel strongly about it, I could re-instate the re-init command as SHIFT+S3 perhaps?


I think I found a minor DSP glitch.

When using the Manual Grains unit on harmonically simple material, everything sounds great until I turn up the Jitter control (even a little bit). At that point, some low-level discontinuities become audible.

EDIT: I’m on 0.3.15


I don’t, really. If it’s something you can do in < 5 minutes, that’d be great. But from my perspective, probably not worth it if it will take you much longer than that.


0.3.15 Manual Grains bug

Looks like there’s a panning bug.

My ch is set to stereo, i have a stereo file loaded, my outs 1/2 connected and the pan slider does not affect the outgoing L/R balance of the generated grains


Momentary action on the manual grains is working out great. Thanks, @odevices!