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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



I will assume you mean Grain Stretch since Manual Grains does not have jitter control. :bowing_man:


That’s the one!


re: feedback—Is there a fade/decrescendo on the recorded audio buffer, ala Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex? I loved making long buffer times with that unit, and endlessly overdubbing to create gradually morphing fields.


If you set the feedback to anything less than 0dB, then the contents of the loop will slowly fade away. Is that what you are asking about?


Precisely - thanks!


…not sure if I feel strongly about it, but I’ve used it a few times…


Ok thank you I understand now!


v0.3.16 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Loading Presets > Crash while loading certain presets with incorrect version information.
  • FIXED: Manual Grains > Pan control was broken by v0.3.14 changes. @NeilParfitt
  • FIXED: Grain Stretch > Clicks when using jitter on small grains and/or slow speeds. @trickyflemming
  • ENHANCED: Pop up a warning message when the user tries to load (unit, chain, or quicksave) preset created on later firmware than what they are running.


The ADSR faders are not in Zero
That’s normal ?


This looks new, 50ms on the A D and 100ms on R. I’m guessing this is so you can hear at least something immediate instead of having to adjust all the faders before getting a VCA to work?


I seem to recall a request for this at some stage, for precisely that reason.


So I prefer before with all faders at zero


50ms for attack it’s too long for me…
AND the sustain at 1
For me I use attack 10ms and sustain at zero…


Maybe We can create an default preset with personal values ?


Then when I choose an ADSR it assign my custom values ?
A 10MS
S 0


Totally agree with this. Low hanging fruit? Yes please!



This kind of default preferences setting is in the works! There’s a thread here about it somewhere :slight_smile:


7 posts were split to a new topic: Manual Looper > feedback vs dub controls


Moved to its own thread because it probably warrants own discussion.


Currently Grid Quantizer unit always uses floor function for its output steps. Would it be possible to make quantization function selectable, i.e. add at least ceiling function as an option? I suppose I can achieve the same by inverting data and limits pre and post quantization, but that looks a bit inconvenient.