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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



The original looper is back!

v0.3.17 CHANGES

  • ENHANCED: Manual Looper > Renamed to Feedback Looper.
  • ENHANCED: Brought back the original Sample Recorder (Looper) as Dub Looper.
  • NEW UNIT: Counter > Trigger on the input causes output value to increment by ‘step’. Can be set to wrap or not. Reset-able with modulate-able step size, start and finish. Scale output with the ‘gain’ parameter.

Pro-tip: Ever wanted a delay with freeze? Just use a Feedback Looper. Set the delay time with a trigger into the reset control. Freeze by punching out. Set number of echoes with the feedback control.

Pro-tip: Are you a pointillist who likes to record audio? Using either a Feedback or Dub Looper, send White Noise into the start control and send Velvet Noise into the reset control. Let it record for awhile then punch out.




Counter is a kind of magic - I haven’t even used it yet and already know I willl have a thousand uses for this - thank you!



I’ll see what I can do. Floor, round, and ceiling are good enough?


This is exactly what I plan on doing. :wink:


Counter will be a game changer !


Yes !
Thank you @odevices


Floor, round, and ceiling are certainly good enough. For completeness sake it could also support rounding to/from zero, i.e. rounding to zero would be floor for positive number or ceiling for negative.


Ok. Now I have to ask :laughing: What are you doing that requires such a repertoire of quantization?


i’d love to see this, too. there is already a tool-tip mode with a momentary shift when the cursor is above a unit header: that produces a tool-tip message for that unit in the contextual display. it often (!) helps me to remember the type of a unit that i had renamed before but forgot to add the type to the name. i recently began to add the types of the units and the types of subchained units to the names…

in 1+2

couldn’t this be extended to parameters, too?

the very same day i was wishfully thinking about another
general UI idea:
i pretty often find myself wishing there would be a neat possibility
to tap integers with my fingers into parameter values.
(especially when i am setting vcas or gains of externally controlled parameters)

when i read about @tomk’s tool-tip mode via SHIFT+Mx, and odevices reminder that SHIFT+M1 is already in use, i had two thoughts.

  1. SHIFT+Mx seems to be a good place for 6 crucial shortcuts,
    with quicksaves being one of them.
  2. the second thought brought me back to my wishfull thinking:
    if we just could find another shortcut (set) for quicksaves and
    other crucial functions/modes…
    then we could use holding-SHIFT+Mx for tapping useful values directly into corresponding parameters (regardless whether they are focused or not)…

obviously integers only make sense to some parameters
(e.g. vca) and more obviously: i didn’t think it through really,

  • how to tap frequencies? (multiples of 55Hz…?)
  • how to tap lenghts of time (e.g. with delays and adsr)

just trying to second and improve @tomk’s idea of a universal
tool-tip mode as well as to share the idea of a universal


i am looking forward to deal with the counter->trigger unit!
love your Pro-tips, too. keep them coming! (@everybody!)


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I’ve merely suggested a few extra choices for completeness (in case if it won’t require too much additional efforts).

Currently I only need floor and ceiling rounding for building a morphing wavetable VCO unit and I’ve already found a workaround for using floor rounding as ceiling.


This is a very, very good recipe. I got the best results with Velvet Noise around 4 Hz.

I expanded upon this recipe by moving it to a Mixer Channel. I then added another Mixer Channel with a Grain Stretch unit set to playback the same Looper buffer, but slower, lower, and backwards.

Here’s a quick example. Lots of pops when it gets loud, unfortunately. Still useful for editing fodder!:

EDIT: weird, looks like MP3s don’t post correctly…

Let’s see if Dropbox MP3 works:

(Same recipe as above. Just a single Rings through that recipe. The sequence isn’t changing, but the Velvet Noise makes it seem like it is. Reverb added after along with some compression)

EDIT 2: Right-click the audio player and open it in a new tab. Then it works.


3MB limit exceeded?

Were you still punched in? Any soft limiting to prevent clipping?


There’s a size limit…Brian mentioned it to me in another thread that I can’t recall at the moment, but it’s quite small.

:man_facepalming: answered already ^^


Y’all are fast :laughing:

Got the link sorted. Dropbox saved the day.

Yeah. I stayed punched in over the course of the piece. There was plenty of headroom, so I don’t think it was clipping as much as play/read head collisions. Kind of hard to avoid when you have two things reading and writing at different speeds in opposite directions.


I agree, it’s great…and likewise I’m getting good results around 3.8-4Hz on the Velvet Noise. What kind of gain are you using on the White Noise @trickyflemming?


Love the Pro-tips and hope they and more find their way into the Wiki.


For once I remembered to save my chain! It was set to .640. I tuned it by ear based on the material. It was super dependent on the input.


He he :grin: know how you feel. Actually breakdown of patches, non noting of chains so regular here you could call it a workflow!

The White Noise relates to width of sample, no? Ie it’s gain determines how far from the start point the sample begins playing on reset?

Am i correct that if the start point is set to 0, that ~ 50% of that information will be lost? That is to say the negative bias will default to a 0 start point?