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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never


  • White Noise outputs random noise between -1 and 1.
  • The start parameter determines the percentage from the beginning of the buffer to which the unit will reset. So start = 0 is the beginning of the buffer, start = 1 is the end of the buffer, start = 0.5 is the middle of the buffer. Negative values wrap around from the end of the buffer so that start = -0.25 is actually 75% of the way in to the buffer.
  • Tip: Open the context view of the start parameter, so you can see the buffer as you are recording. Make sure you are resetting the looper somewhat rapidly. Initially set the start gain to some small value like 0.1 and then manually move the gain and bias around and watch its affect on the record head. The relationship should become obvious hopefully.


Thanks Brian, I thought that wrap around may have been happening from the behaviour of the playhead, but thinking linearly I imagined negative values chopped off and thought of offsets or rectifications as a possible solution.

By the way, contrarily, I prefer your original context view/up button behaviour, I’ve been found the change to concensus preference frustrating :grin: muscle memory and all that.


after i saved a Quicksave, everytime i restart the Er301 it ask me if i want to load the Quicksave. How can i delete it? sorry for dump question :see_no_evil:


Hey, go to the Admin -> system settings and disable the “load quicksave on restart” function.


No such thing as a dumb question here! Better to ask the group and gain the knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:


easy as pie! thank you guys :bowing_man:


This forum is pretty much the best place to ask ’silly’ questions in. :+1:


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One question/suggestion. Whenever I start a chain the first thing I do is set the chain input, 99% of the the time setting it to the input corresponding to the channel that I’m working on.

Is there a way, or could there be, to have empty channels automatically initialized with their corresponding input as the chain input? That would save a couple steps when starting a new chain.


I’m curious, will we ever get access to the outputs of units for local routing?


Where can the CPU load meter be found in 0.3.17? (I seem to recall it was the default screen when the mode switch is in scope mode.)


you have to have both switches set correctly: Admin and scope.


Where can I find the 0.3.08 FIRMWARE?
I want to downgrade to this firmware …
I prefer this firmware than the new one…


What’s wrong?


No nothing wrong but…
I prefer adsr with all values at 0 than the new adsr with the sustain at 1 it’s tooooo loooong for me :grinning:
I prefer the old name of the units
And I don’t use the new units…


You do realize that this makes no sense right? :thinking:


Yes ! :wink::blush:


Here you go:

er-301-v0.3.08-48kHz.zip (1.4 MB)


I’m fond of the surreal :hugs:


I keep a “Bleeding Edge” firmware around dated December 7, 2016 along with some v0.1.6pre’s just in case I need to go back to a previous version. :wink: