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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Crash Bug: Admin / Preamp Settings / Load Preset - crash every time w/ v0.3.01


Thanks Brian!

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m doung something wrong!
After editing slices in a Grain Stretch unit I can’t seem to return to the menu with the controls.
All I can see is the waveform and the shift fader control next to it on the right.
And no matter what combination of button presses I use I can’t get back to the main control page ( where the speed etc is)


Try pushing the button under the shift fader — i have this too, not sure if its normal or not, but that will get tou back.


Thanks, seems like a double tap in that takes me back to the main menu!


Hi Brian,

I just tried to process some larger files and I’m getting “could not clone” sample error messages. I tried loading a file less than half the pool size as well.

I’m assuming there needs to be working ram for these processes to crunch. What’s the realistic size limits for these kind of sample edit operations?


Yes it used to be that if you pressed up you would return to the main page but thats changed now.
Grain stretch is pretty nuts!!


As you discovered, pushing a unit control’s button (as well as pressing enter) will cycle the control through its various views and upon one full cycle, release the encoder focus. I removed the closing of the contextual view when pressing UP, so that it is easier to leave it open when desired.

Also on an unrelated note, I think you will want to try changing the “Which Side?” attribute to “right” for a more breakbeat style of slice playback.


So basically this module now has everything i’ve been hoping for… I might cry a little thanks Brian you’ve made perfect tool for my rack :heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you for the hard work, absolutely fantastic update!!

One question; what does the ‘which side’ parameter do, anyone had the chance to try it out?


Hey Brian, just to clarify - does this mean any quicksave, preset, (custom unit?), that was created pre-0.3 will have to be re-created? Thanks :pray:


That was my impression, but just to put it to the test I tried to load evil twin, and it hard crashed the ER-301…


Couldn’t resist. Re: Grain Stretch, Freeverb, and Bump Map as an audio processor:

(sound on)

!!! New 301 territory !!!


ah so that

is how you can do stuff

can’t wait to try this out!


Bug in grain stretch : Trig does nothing.


Is there any plan on some sort of migration tool or preset batch converter to make them compatible? I’m sure the userbase has countless setups and presets where rebuilding entire setups is a scary thought. I honestly can’t fathom rebuilding some of these things as there’s almost a year’s worth of finaggles.

Or should I plan on jumping firmware if i really need an older setup?

Uhoh - this could be making my dream of using two ER-301s more of a practical reality haha! A blessing in disguise maybe?? :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:


I plan on making it possible to load pre-0.3 presets.


I had a quick play today and it was working for me, I think it depends on the length or type of sample (if it has gaps of silence in the audio) maybe? I had mixed results with some, some didn’t seem to play at all


Bug in sample player : after silencing the buffer, no way to load a file back. Only way is to…reboot.


Did you go into the slice editor and define some slices? That’s where this unit potential is insane! When you trigger, it’ll choose a slice based on the slice slider (hard set or ext chain modulated) and granulize whatever is happening at that slice start! At least, that appears to be what’s happening and it sounds pretty wild!

So, just like a sample player, If you have no slices defined, then i believe it’s just forrever loop whatever audio file is assigned.

Perhaps if this trigger should behave as a reset if there’s no slices defined?


That’s how it’s working here…