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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Just trying to install newest firmware, and after installing it, while rebooting, er-301 is trying to load a Quicksave (made in previous firmware), and it freezes with “Failed to load unit: SC CV” message.

I tried power-cycling a couple of times. Does that every time.


Thank god I did not try to do this before my shows last week!!! Thanks for the advice on that!

Was able to get the er-301 to start up, by manually emptying the “Quicksave” folder that it was trying to load. So: a workaround. But the problem is/was definitely there.
(BTW: this was the first time i have ever experienced a loading problem with the er-301)




May I have a copy of the quicksave please? Just the lua file is fine.


PM sent with the lua files.


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Just a quick maintenance release. Sorry no fun stuff in this one. :bowing_man:

v0.3.18 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Crash when loading a preset in which a unit fails to load AND it subsequently tries to restore focus to this failed unit because that was what was focused when the preset was saved. (@laborcamp)
  • FIXED: When restoring a preset/quicksave from early v0.3.xx firmware, some units were not loading due to changes in unit type names.
  • FIXED: All gain parameters now go from -10 to 10 (previously -5 to 5). FM gain now goes from -10k to 10k (prev -5k to 5k).
  • ENHANCED: Lua API > Added the ability to use arbitrary functional expression when tying object parameters together inside units.
  • ENHANCED: The “restore quicksave on boot” behavior now has a 3 second delay (with message) allowing you to cancel if desired. (@laborcamp)


Is this delay modulatable? :joy:


Thank you for the fix and continuing the amazing work!


Hi Brian!

This is not a bug, but more just a comment…

If I’m in the Sample Pool window, and increasing the buffer size by time, if ie: I’m starting fresh the free memory is 480MB. However, I can still roll beyond 44minutes and the ‘required’ number goes beyond what the system has available. Of course, at this point, I’ll have a “not enough memory” error if I try to create it.

So, just wondering for streamlining… That error dialogue could be eliminated altogether, if a user is creating a buffer but never allowed to dial in a memory footprint larger than the max memory currently available/displayed.


But then you wouldn’t be able to quickly see how much memory you would need for a buffer of a given duration so that you can then go and free up the calculated amount. That buffer creation tool has a secondary purpose which is “buffer size calculator”. Perhaps a sufficient compromise is to replace the modal “Not enough memory” dialog with one of those 1 second pop ups that disappears on its own?


ah that’s true, but even being able to make a selection beyond the 301’s capabilities?


I was about to agree with you when I realized the 1ch vs 2ch selection would become mysteriously unresponsive in the case that switching your buffer to stereo puts it over the limit.


funny thing happened here yesterday, I bypassed a sample scanner in an audio signal path but the effect remained. Had to delete the unit to get the original signal back. Anyone experienced this also?


hei. whats the maximum length of a wav. file for the sampleplayer and etc.? :thinking:


I believe the wiki’s gotcha covered: http://wiki.orthogonaldevices.com/index.php/ER-301/FAQ#What_is_the_maximum_playback_time_for_samples.3F :slightly_smiling_face:


In “settings” there is a “does bypassing a unit also disable it” setting. Does that make a difference?


@odevices My 301 arrived a week ago. Since then I’ve been writing my first patch, a granular synth. Every time I think I hit a stumbling block and consider posting my first newbie question, the intuitive nature of the unit leads me to the solution. Just wanted to express my joy in playing with this sound computer. I look forward to my first stumper!

As you were. :grin:


Still up in the air! The current routing architecture assumes tree-shaped structures at the unit level. So it’s not a quick and easy task.


my 301 is currently at local customs so should be here very soon :smiley: cant wait!
i was thinking about doing a custom unit for simple 3\4 channels internal analog shift register duties. will i be able to do this even if the outputs of units will not be available as sources? i mean, with the current tree-shaped structure? i think the answer is yes and imagine that i’d put my s&h stack with a , say, saw oscillator nested on every output of the various s&h units, then mixers etc… is it feasible? thanks!


You can’t get the outputs of units directly as sources, but there’s a sort of workaround for some cases.

Create a second custom unit internal to your main one, add an input to it, then put the unit you want in the input chain. Then within the internal custom unit, the output of the unit will be available as a local.

Also worth noting that any place that you use a custom unit’s input as a local it’s referring to the output of any chain in that input, so another standard trick to implement feedback loops within your custom units is to create an internal custom unit with a an input whose chain source is itself…