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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



thanks! food for thought


Is there an example of doing this in the builtins or the testlib?


Ah, thanks for the response. That makes complete sense.

Definitely have done this :slight_smile: But with CV signals. Would this work with audio too?


Just wondering if there is anyway to loop a section of a sample separately from the samples start and end points. Looking to loop a few tails of samples to have them sustain and release for a chosen amount of time.


Not at the moment or at least not easily. This kind of thing is still in the works.


Playing around with the samplers yesterday. It would be nice to be able to switch between looping on and off with cv or triggers.


i’d like to second this idea…


Is this a bug or something I just don’t understand?


What exactly is the problem? If you set feedback to 100% all bets are off.


I’m guessing the problem is my lack of understanding, then :slight_smile:

It’s just that I don’t really understand why with full feedback the signal gets offset so that it eventually gets silent. Other delays I’ve used don’t behave like that. Can this be averted with, say, an HPF?


I would bet that your other delays have AC-coupled inputs, outputs or AC-coupled the feedback path. However then you wouldn’t be able to use the delay on CV signals. So, yes if you want to replicate that behavior a Fixed HPF is the way to go.


Thank you! Live and learn.


I’ve finally moved up to v0.3.18!

I can’t seem to find anyway of zooming into the waveform when I want to add slices to a sample - I read the Wiki and it says use the M6 button to zoom in and out with the encoder but this isn’t working.

Can someone let me know how to zoom into the waveform please?


Hold the coarse/fine button.


coarse for time domain btw


@Odan many thanks!! Seemed to have tried every other Burton combo apart from those!



After updating to 0.3, my Quick Save slots are no longer mapped, which makes sense as the file structure changed. However, when I try and load the old chain files, it shows a progress bar as if they are loading, but then the chain just shows up blank. Also, from the Quick Save menu, when I enter “load” it doesn’t take me to the file browser, it takes me to a Blank Chain instead.

What’s the easiest way to go about loading old Quick Save slots in v0.3? I’m willing to go back and load v0.2 with my old file structure to export every project file as needed;, but the chains and presets don’t seem to be working for me.


Copying your quicksave folder from the sc folder to the v0.3 folder should solve the quicksaves issue.

Keeping backwards compatibility is more of a service rather than a requirement as I attempt to push the firmware out of beta. However, that being said, this is not expected. My old chain presets have been loading mostly OK, definitely not blank. Do you have a simple one that you can let me try out?

Pressing ‘load’ here will load the quicksave in the focused slot. There is no user interaction with the file structure.


Thanks!! I’ll check it out again tonight.

I totally understand that backwards compatibility can’t really be a priority, given the development goals.


Check out these Burton combos :sunglasses: