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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Whooaw, never tried THOSE! :laughing:


@odevices Ok so I’ve copied the files over. Now, when I go to the quicksave menu, I cansee the names of the Quick Saves, but when I press load on any of them, they act as if they try to load but very quickly return to a blank chain. Here is one of my Quick Saves I’m having trouble loading:

Q01.lua (84.0 KB)

Do you think it’s not loading because I need to move my recorded folder over to /0.3 as well?


This seemed to load fine for me. Are you running v0.3.18?

By the way, it looks like this quicksave was created with firmware v0.2.18 (unstable). I would recommend that you at least make sure they load in v0.2.27 (stable), save them again, and then bring them over to v0.3.18.


Thanks for your help! Saving in 0.2.27 did the trick.

I’ve delayed updating for so long (my Eloquencer too) because I simply love the workflow as it is and love the stuff that I create with it. Thanks again for your help getting my Quicksaves back.


Hey, I’m running 0.3.18. When I build loops using slices in the sample player, I go to Menu -> Save As, enter a file name, hit Enter but no file is saved. Looking in Admin Card Console I can see the file is in use but it doesn’t seem to exist. I cant see it in any file explorer.

I haven’t had the 301 long. Maybe I am not editing samples properly?


Thank you, this would be a bug. I’ll fix it in the next release. However, it might be helpful for you to know that it is not necessary to save the sample when you are just adding or removing slices. Only samples that have been edited destructively need to be saved in order to persist. Slices, on the other hand, are saved when you save a unit, chain, or quicksave preset because slice data is saved in a separate SLC file from the WAV file.


Cheers Brian. It seems that you can only have one set of slices per file rather than unit preset. What I really want to be doing is cutting up a long recording and allocating those cuts out as independent samples. I can’t see any propper (cutting/cropping) editing tools. Are they still on the wish list?


Trim and cut appear in the slicing view menu once you have selected a portion of the sample with SHIFT+KNOB.


Ah mate, I never thought to try that! Works a charm thanks. It could do with some sign posting in that screen as it’s an important function dude. P.s. thanks for all your efforts, this is truly a special instrument you’ve built.


Next firmware will leave Trim and Cut menu items visible but grayed out with a helpful message displayed when user presses them without having a region selected.


Feature Request: Percentage control for Custom Unit

I like to put delays and stuff in custom units and expose the dry/wet to the top level



so I’ve been doing this will the DB control and an offset the past fews day, but would really love a percentage.

Is there another way around this im not thinking of? or the only way if Brian makes a 0-100% control possible for the Custom Unit?


is there anything else before your custom unit or just the input assign on that channel?


+1 for this!
as i wrote in this post:
questions about custom unit controls
i still have a lot of doubts about how to properly set up custom controls. a percentage would be really rational and useful.

(btw if someone is so kind to read up my post and answer to my silly questions it would be greatly appreciated <3 )


sometimes, sometimes not. Not sure how that relates to a custom percentage control on the Custom Unit?

My question probably should be. How are other representing percentages in Custom Units?


I was just thinking of alternate ways to attack wet/dry handling. But ignore my comment :slight_smile:

My Wish for custom controls is to have a single type. As you create each, you could pick the low / high max range, if it’s uni or bp, linear, exp, %, pass through audio etc etc. I feel like that would take a ton of guesswork out of finagling fader bias for external CV to conform to what is needed for each particular CC instance.


I like that wish/idea a lot


Me too!! Very much :smiley:


Me three!


This area is slated for an overhaul but not in v0.3. :wink: