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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



:raised_hands: thank you



sorry if it’s already know, but I think I found a possible Bug in the Native Player.
If I load a sample from the card an play it, the pitch is slight higher than to the original. In the the “preview” (where I can select the different samples) the speed is ok. Only after loading it into the Native Player.

The pitch in the Sample Player Unit is fine.


Could that be a sample rate thing? Your sample is 44.1 but being played back at 48 by the native sample rate?

I’ve never used the native player, so apologies if I am way off. :slight_smile:


@iPassenger is correct. The purpose of the Native Player is to play back the samples at the ER-301’s system (native) sample rate (48kHz or 96kHz) without interpolation or sample rate conversion (i.e. just output the samples as-is to the DAC). This provides the lowest CPU usage possible.


thanks for the clarification :grinning:


Not a biggie at all:
Renaming quicksaves starts from scratch, i.e. i’ll have to retype the whole
(sometimes i just want to add more info, e.g. bpm…)


Feature idea:

When selecting multiple units, in addition to the “Move to Mixer” option there would would also be a “Move to Custom Unit” option. I find I’m doing that more often than moving them into mixers.

I guess the tricky part is there are already three options. Maybe SHIFT + S3?


i thought about it too but then it will perhaps render the ui a bit clumsier…on the other hand the cut+load custom unit+open+paste operation is becoming second nature so i think i’m quite happy as it is :slight_smile:


I’ve just got to ask about v0.3.19 as it’s been 40 days and 40 nights since .18 went out and 20 days since tax day made an intrusion? Nothing in particular that I’m looking for, just the fun of new exploration.


I was so close to releasing it this weekend, but now I’m in bed with a stomach flu feeling very, um, empty. :face_with_thermometer:

Sorry for the wait but it is coming. Only a matter of days now. :bowing_man:


Uh, I hate that particular feeling of emptyness!

Best wishes for your recovery - take your time and get well soon!

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Oh dear, that’s the worst - hope you feel better soon!!

Zane Hellas 87% carvacrol wild oregano oil is magic juice, well worth looking into :wink:


Please take care @odevices お大事に!:pray:


take care Brian! get well soon!


Hope you feel better quickly! That’s the worst.


hope you feel better soon!!


Get well soon!


All the best to you, and Get well, soon!


Feel better!!


@odevices I wish you an expedient recovery!