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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Awesome news!

Thank you for the great work as always!!!


Amazing! Just keeps getting better and better


:open_mouth: woooow!!! thanks for all the goodness!!! you are amazing!




Nice work!!




Looking forward to playing with this one!


All of these improvements look SO AWESOME! Thank you, Brian!!


yes!!! thank you Brian!


Excellent advancements, thanks Brian.


one question. is pingpong looping a possibility at some point in the future? i feel bad about asking about it when there are so many improvements but — that would be totally great!


Thanks Brian :slight_smile:


Excited to dive in! Thanks @odevices!!!


Great update again! Thanks Brian!

Playing with a single drumloop in the clocked player vs clocked stretch player make me smile! Breakbeat madness…


thanks Brian


Brilliant thanks B!


really wonderful update. thank you so much.
I’m playing with the Manual Loops. i think its a great start for vc’able loop start and length player that many of us have been wishing for!

some ideas to make it even better:

  1. one thing i ran into though is a issue with loop length- in the patch i had going i loaded a 4 minute song into the Manual Looper. i felt like loop length parameter wasnt playing well with creating very short loops with very long files. i had the loop length parameter up to only .010 and the loop was already longer than i hoped it would be. is there a way to have the option to set how long the loop will be when the loop length parameter is at its maximum position? like for the patch i was working on, i would never need the loop to be more than say 3 seconds, but if your using a 4 minute sample, you hit 3 seconds in just a tiny fraction of the range to the parameter.

  2. it would also be great if the loop length parameter could go into negatives (reverse), so that once the loop shirks to the smallest size and the parameter reaches zero, you can continue going down into the negatives which will reverse the loop as you go farther into the negatives the reversed loop length increases.

  3. there is a lot of noise when modulating the start time forward. could we have the option to not play from the position of the start parameter until the current loop plays through instead of instantly jumping when modulating/moving that parameter? this should clean up the noise and make modulating this parameter sound much better.

I think these would be huge additions to the manual loop mode. please let me know what you think!


I’m on 2 wheels at the moment but are you sure this is not already the case? :thinking:


That was the scenario that Brian was suggesting as his preference quite recently…I have been at work all day and unable to check but it seemed like that possibility was in the makings…

edit: snap ^


it seems to be the case with speed. but not with length. am i wrong?


That kind of behaviour’d get you arrested here Brian!