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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Negative lengths should be flipping the direction. That’s weird if isn’t the case. I’ll be able to check it tonight.


Don’t worry I’m stopped at the edge of the road. Water break!


negative doesn’t appear to even be an option, the length parameter rangers from 0 at the bottom, to 1.000 at the top




That shouldn’t stop you :wink:

The behavior is there. Just looks like I put the wrong range on the bias fader. Sorry about that :bowing_man:


ahh no problem, thanks.
got it, trying it with offset cv now! excellent!!!


this also seemed to help my 1st issue, using attenuated cv instead of the fader in the unit.
i hope my 3rd issue is as easy of a fix as the first two :blush:


Thanks Brian!
Exchangeable Samples are a big workflow enhancement for everyone who works with nested sample players in their custom units! Awesome!
(Feature request:) If there would be a possibility to edit the samples directly out of the sample pool view it would make this even more effortless.
Creating sample chains > very nice.

Manual Loops Bug?: There is a recurrent down sampling effect happening when i modulate the start parameter. Listen here, starting at 15 sec. (length: 0.7, fade 2ms): https://soundcloud.com/traumgmbh/manualloops/s-OSq50


i realized that i missed several firmware updates and maaan brian, great work, thanks very much!!!


had the pedal looper and spread delay cut out, pedal looper starts with nandB as feedback, spread delay it’s possible to scroll through feedback until nandB and then no more output. haven’t checked other delays or feedback parameters but it seems that there’s a problem with these feedbacks…


May I ask what you are expecting? I could put a limiter inside the feedback but that would color the sound.


RE: Manual Loops

Currently, it is the case that if the play head ever finds itself outside of the loop “boundaries”, it will jump to the nearest location so that is once again inside the loop “boundary”. If I’m interpreting people’s feedback correctly, it sounds like you want the play head to only check if it is outside the current requested loop (and jump there) when it reaches the end of the loop that it is currently playing?

Currently, loop length is set as a proportion of total sample length (-100% to +100%). So as @bjlogic stated, that means if you work with long samples the modulation of the length becomes more and more sensitive (technical term is 'fiddly" :thinking: ?). I guess one solution is to put a max on the loop length so that you are never trying to address more than X seconds with the -100% to 100% modulation range. What should X be?


Could that be a user unit preference? Some people may want longer loops depending on what their doing


the multiple sapmles load and auto-samplechaining is so damn useful and easy! thanks !!!


Hm, I coud see myself wanting the loop playback change in the moment I change the parameter. When I wanted it to wait until the current loop is finished I would wait with the parameter change. But I can see (actually: hear) the issue one may have with this.

Two possible ways come to my mind:

  • Always check the location but wait with the jump till the next zero crossing occurs and then jump to nearest zero crossing inside the loop.
  • My all time favorite request for some kind of end of slice or end of loop signal could help delay a parameter change until the current loop end is reached.

I like to see the relationship between loop length and sample length as a percentage value. So for those who don’t want very short loops of their longer samples. How about being able to set the loop range in percentage of the sample length as a setting. Or just being able to set the default range to /2 , /4 , /8 or /16. This way the general feeling for relations would be kept.


i think i misunderstand…nandB means infinite feedback which means at least in my unit a very loud noise and then the unit doesn’t respond, correct? i would prefer to have a limiter inside just to be on the safe side, but now i remember to change the pedal looper default to something less! anyhow, really great update!


I see… i think i prefer the update when loop end, but really have to experiment more before jumping to conclusions.


So I tried the new concatenated load functionality by pointing the ER-301 at a folder of kick drums to be loaded in the variable speed player, and it seems to have loaded them all in reverse! IE, I have to set the speed to -1 in order for the kick drums to play forward. Very strange!


I don’t know the time frames of which you are speaking ie how long the play head might actually find itself outside of the loop boundary and how long it would take to “discover” that but my priority would be the return to the loop boundary rather than some kind of quantization to loop end and then return.

Am I understanding the “end of loop” issue correctly by characterising it as a quantization of sorts?

edit: with the caveat that I haven’t yet had the time to use it in practice, so am speaking conceptually.


The issue with some samples loading in reverse seems to happen if I do a sample chain concatenated load with a mix of 1 channel and 2 channel wave files, for example selecting

https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/uploads/default/original/2X/f/fccc22a6359ab6de9c842d1666ceccef1ebe483e.wav https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e19003662c3738c8a0bb0a3493939c706140777b.wav