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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



thanks, i’ll check it out - i was looking at the tap tempo unit that has variable gate length


Are we close to be able to securely use this new firmware in a live scenario / nearing stable state? :thinking: :star_struck:


If you want to play it save, wait till Brian declares the soft “stable”. If your a guy who takes risks, rehearse a lot with the current reöaese and if it does not crash during rehearse play the gig (thats how i do it)


I always update to the latest Beta, and I have never had any problems, YMMV of course. Also, you can always reinstall the last “stable” if you want.


Yes, but mind that the patches you built and saved might not be downwards compatible.


I backup before upgrading, so if it breaks something u can go back down


Potential bug: I’ve noticed that the varispeed player does not loop when playing a sample in reverse. Can’t recall if I’m using the very latest, but I did not see any notes about this in the release notes.


Re-submitting my request for an optional tool-tip/unit description msg to appear in the contextual screen when pressing SHIFT on a unit header.


I notice when you load a quicksave if some unit are bypass that don’t bypass the cpu…
You must engage then bypass the unit… After that the bypass deactivate the cpu
Video to explain the bug… Because with my little english it’s dificult for me to explain this bug…


The Manual Loops and Manual Grains units have ‘start’ controls that do exactly that.


I definitely agree about the general direction of this idea, Neil. I’ve been throwing around the ideas of selectable tool sets but for efficiency I am letting the set of tools solidify a bit more before putting too much design effort into their organization.


While I think about this, how about setting the ‘trig’ control’s threshold to a negative value (such as -0.1) and then sending it negative triggers (or negating your positive trigger with a Linear Bipolar VCA unit)? This creates an always-on gate signal which will momentarily go off and then back on when you send it a trigger.


I think this feature may have stopped working at some point - or I just don’t understand it. Running firmware 0.3.22 48k

I don’t seem to get any different result out of this toggle. It still seems to only read out the bias setting whether I select actual or bias. For example if I have the Q of a low pass filter biased to zero and then use an offset to increase it, it’s readout still shows 0 whether I select bias or actual in system settings rather than showing the value of what the small tick has increased to. I was expecting Q to display 0.4-ish in the picture below.


i switched to display “actual” value as soon as i realized this feature existed, and i remember that it did not have any effect on the current patch (snapshot) i was working on.
I am not sure if it worked on newly added units, on a “new” patch, or if it did only after a reboot.

In subsequently created patches the actual value has been displayed as expected.
I’ll check tomorrow if it’s working on old snapshots (which i am certain were created and untouched since long before toggling the “display value” option.)
edit. i might still be on 0.3.18, so i’ll also upgrade to 0.3.22 and report what happens.


As @ermina suggests, changing this setting only affects units inserted afterwards.


Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this. :bowing_man:


I guess this means that you find yourself often forgetting the purpose of certain units? May I ask which units?


I was able to confirm this bug. It seems that sub-chains are not having their bypass state restored.


Possible bug with sample scanner,

Editing the sample trim/cut, etc causes a crash. Changing the sample seems to cause a reboot too.


How might these be used?