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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Confirmed. Thank you.

V/oct to Seconds: Use this when you want V/oct control (or more generally, exponential control) over a parameter that has units in seconds, such as a delay time, or shift time, or a loop length.

V/oct to Hertz: Use this when you want V/oct control (or more generally, exponential control) over a parameter that has units of hertz (or equivalently speed) such as Clock, Card Player, etc.


No problem and cheers. :slight_smile:


I tried it again and could reproduce it.

Load the varispeed player
Set the preference to loop
Set the speed to a negative number (-1.0)
Fire a gate if needed

Looping does not occur and the playhead disappears.
If you raise the speed above zero, the playhead reappears. Lowering it again, it disappears.


Thanks @jonny. I think I have a handle on it now.


Everyone. One more maintenance release on v0.3 and then I would like to promote this branch to stable this week. So if you have any last minute bug reports please let me know. After that the rest of this month will be devoted to updating the wiki documentation with the v0.3 changes. Then in June, we start a new thread for v0.4!


only thing for me was that pedal looper undo behaviour when going back to the beginning. I guess this isn’t really a ‘bug’ though?


My thinking was that ‘clear’ should put the looper back to the null (no audio, no loop length) state. While ‘undo’ would remove the previous recording but never touch the loop length. That way if you recorded your first take and you like the loop length but not the content then you can just ‘undo’.

That was the thinking anyways, but I’m not adamant about it.


also pedal looper and undo related:
undo doesn’t work here, only undo 1, but everything above that just produces silence, see video:


:laughing: It looks like you are the first one to try using the undo function on a Pedal Looper in a stereo chain, since stereo is the key to reproducing this bug.


oh man good to hear that, i really thought that my unit conspired against me! :space_invader:


Hi @odevices. I’ve found a minor bug.

I have a mono looper on a mono global chain and a stereo mixer on channel 1 and 2 (linked) assigned with its return.

I assign the mono looper chain to each one of the inputs of the stereo mixer.

I quicksave the entire patch but, whenever I reload the quicksave, the right input of the mixer is always empty. :slight_smile:



While i think of it, global chains order is shuffled when loading a snapshot.
It is neither the order that the global chains were created, neither the/an alphabetical order and seems to change on each loading of the snapshot.


Yes, that worked. So is this on a per-unit basis? Whatever the setting is when a unit is inserted is how that unit behaves? If so, can I change the setting and then use the “replace” unit function to change it’s display behavior?

0.3 is feeling really stable (and awesome). There were a couple of things you either fixed or enhanced - possibly due to my ramblings - that i meant to circle back on and haven’t yet. I’ll try to do that yet today and provide feedback if needed.


No. It is definitely a global setting. It just has no effect on units that have already been instantiated when you change it.

Yes. Inserted or restored from a preset or replaced or pasted.


This is the one I really wanted to test out, and it’s great! Pretty amazing what the ER-301 can do to a crummy vocal sample in a couple of minutes. :slight_smile:

Sampling single note

I’d like this a couple of times if I could. You’ve inspired me to sample my own out of tune voice.


i’m using some AAAAHs of my voice polyphonically, they are perfect for huge pads


I’m thinking about the sampling, granular, and rec+looping categories, and my thoughts are generally geared toward the new(er) user. It might be convenient to have an info function like this inside the 301, as opposed to referring to the wiki or the forum as to what e.g. Dub Looper or Raw Player mean specifically (though I certainly do not want to discourage new user participation here!)

In retrospect, my input on this comes during a period of active development esp. within the categories I listed above (names of units have changed over the past few months through dialog on here), so maybe my request is unnecessary at this point, as things stabilize even more.

I understand the concern that by adding tool-tips, you would need to be consistent and add them to every unit, and you might not want to do that for something more objective like a sine.


@odevices, apparently there is a conflict with ER-301’s i2c address and Meadowphysics:

I saw you mention that there will be one more 0.3 update before it is deemed stable, so it seems like a good opportunity to iron it out before it goes out on new units. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if this would require a fix on the Teletype side as well (I’m not familiar with the particulars of i2c communication).


I am fairly certain you’re on this anyway @odevices but a little reminder about the consistency in the UI - e.g. the input selection uses the button, but the CU parameter selection uses the knob - I much prefer the button solution fwiw :slight_smile:

Oh and a request for modulation to be added to the Levels parameter of the Quantiser unit please I want control over my destructive tendencies :smiley: