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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



I know this concerns only one of many (many many …) workflows:
But last week I found myself doing several loop based recordings.
I began with choosing the basic loop. I had to remember the thread
where we discussed the possibility of looped monitoring in the
sample browser:

I did not find any clues about it in the Wiki/Tracker other than “more monitoring options”.
Obviously there are more important things on that list.

  • I’d just like to know whether those options are still on the list (i.e. implied by “more monitoring options”)
  • And whether it’s just me missing that old school method of monitoring samples in a looped manner?


Just noticed that there seems to be a bug with the Slew Limiter. If you turn the Time up to maximum, the marker jumps to the bottom and the time reading disappears.


That’s weird. It’s not happening for me. What firmware version?


Firmware 0.3.22


Using the Trim operation in Sample Scanner is causing a crash. Tried several samples.


Already reported :wink:


:fireworks: I’m calling this one stable! :fireworks:

v0.3.23 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Bypass state of sub-chains was not being restored properly. (@Mooko)
  • FIXED: Global Chains > Chain order was not being restored properly from presets and quicksaves. (@ermina)
  • FIXED: Slicing View > Sample region selection not working in slice navigation mode.
  • FIXED: All Slice Players > Looping broken for negative speeds in slice mode when there was only 2 slices, one at the beginning and one at the end. (@jonny)
  • FIXED: Sample Preview in File Browser > Sample preview UI failed to reset when end of playback was reached.
  • FIXED: Pedal Looper > In a stereo chain, the Pedal Looper undo and overdub functions were broken. (@kilchhofer)
  • FIXED: Destructively editing a sample assigned to the Sample Scanner unit causes a crash. (@iPassenger @rikrak)
  • FIXED: Slice Editor > Slices were not being wrapped around the beginning or end when shifting.
  • ENHANCED: Clocked Stretch and Clocked VariSpeed > Added menu option to specify the ‘Stretch Duration’ as ‘all’ or ‘slice’ (default). When the ‘Stretch Duration’ is set to ‘slice’ then the playback speed will be set so that the current active slice (or the entire sample if no slices) has the same playback duration as the period of the tempo clock. When the setting is set to ‘all’, then regardless of the active slice, the speed will be set so that the entire sample’s duration matches the period of the tempo clock. (@josker)
  • ENHANCED: Grid Quantizer > Levels parameter is now modulate-able. (@Kel)
  • ENHANCED: Sample Preview in File Browser > In addition to auto-looping very short samples (<50ms), the preview will now loop or not loop depending on the loop settings of the current unit. (@mopoco)
  • ENHANCED: Sample Preview in File Browser > Added a system setting that lets you have the preview continue playing even if the focused sample changes. (@mopoco)
  • ENHANCED: Slicing View > A new auto-slicer was added, called ‘Slice to Division’, which allows you to slice a sample into N equal length pieces. For correctness and contrast, ‘Slice to Grid’ was renamed to ‘Slice to Period’. (@rikrak)

One shot option when choosing samples?

Excellent enhancements, thanks Brian. ‘Slice to Division’ much appreciated!


Thanks Brian, top release - thank you for all your continued hard work.

Some raucous quantiser action is in the pipeline :smiley:


Nice one!! Slice to division… yeees!!!


Ace! Thanks!


Cheers! 0.3 has been huge! Thanks for all of your efforts, @odevices, as well as to everyone who helped identify bugs and suggested features!

Awesome stuff!


thanks @odevices!


<3 thanks @odevices ! this creature gets better and better!




legend thanks @odevices!


Woo! :ok_hand:


:bowing_man: Emergency fix! :bowing_man:

v0.3.24 CHANGES

  • FIXED: System Settings > Crash when autosaving the system settings.
  • TEMPFIX: Teletype Integration > Added i2c addresses 0x31 and 0x32. Will remove conflicting addresses in v0.4.

V0.3.23 reboots when changing System Setting

Got a bug, mono global chain mapped to both inputs on stereo global chain, is not loaded to right input on stereo chain when the patch is reloaded from a quicksave.

to test:

  1. Create global two chains, one mono and one stereo.
  2. Map mono chain as both left and right input on stereo chain.
  3. Save quicksave
  4. Reload quicksave.

This is on version 3.22


(v0.3.24) On all of the Delay units, increasing Feedback past max goes to “nAndB” and snaps to bottom of slider. The unit must be deleted before the signal returns.