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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Hehe - we have all been there - no worries :slight_smile:


update completed, thank you guys


Sorry I have been touring (with er301) and did not have the opportunity to answer.
After reformatting there was still .Lua etc… but then:
I changed (again) all filenames that were onlu 3.lua or 4.lua to something else and everything is working now.
So this is really strange, but no more problem for me… just have to avoid 3.lua and 4.lua names.
Thanks for the help.


I think there’s something still stange happening here. 0.3.25 48k firmware. Steps to repeat.

  1. Insert a custom unit
  2. Save preset
  3. New file
  4. Put in 2 capital letters as the name
  5. File saves as XX.LUA (all caps)
  6. Save preset again
  7. XX.LUA is not selected as default choice (normally I think if you did a save already, the file would be selected)
  8. Navigate to XX.LUA
  9. Click save preset
  10. Asks to overwrite XX.LUA.lua
  11. Say yes
  12. 301 says “LUA is not a valid extension.”


Found a bug!

I made some global chains (all mono) and then assigned each to mixer channels on my main stereo out (1+2). Inside each of those mixers, I set both the left and right inputs to the same global chain and save my quicksave.

When I turn the system off and then back on, each of those mixer channels only has the left assigned!


Are you using the most recent version of the firmware? v0.3.25?


oops i was a couple versions behind. i updated and its fixed!


is it June yet?

jk but also very eager to see what is in store for us w v0.4


Phew. Luckily I didn’t say which June!


The new estimate is mid-August. Sorry for the delay everyone!


OMG if we are seeing the goal post move from June to August this is going to feel like we are jumping right past v0.4 and going directly to v0.5. The leap will certainly be well worth the wait given how much time and effort is obviously going into the next version!


Haha. Nice try :wink:


After dealing with Elektron you are a joy Brian. No apologies necessary.


Summer Ruined! Now I’ll have to venture outside into the sun! :wink:


There’s still so many videos to make Neil! Sun is overrated :smile: :sunny:


True! I’ve never seen it… It’s a true mystery!


Anybody here thinking that maybe @odevices was just pulling our leg about mid August and that he actually meant by Friday July 20th?




Try again. (Pretty Please)


July is the new August.


Happy August everyone.