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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



There must be something else that is causing it because when I try your procedure and others, I still do not get the extension in capital letters (ever).


By the way,

  • do you use a Mac computer to make edits to the file structure on the card?
  • is your card formatted with the ER-301’s internal card formatter?


Yes, OSX 10.10.5.
It should be, I used the one that came with the ER-301 and haven’t formatted it since.

Really odd. I can try with another card that’s not formatted with the ER-301, but I get consistently this issue with 0.3.25 on the card that I’m using.


Could you do me a favor and backup all your files to your computer and then reformat your card with the ER-301 and then retest with your procedure?

Then after that, bring the card back over to your Mac, create a folder and then retry your procedure but this time saving the new preset in the folder you created on your Mac.


Sure just a sec.

Okay, tested it out and it still does the same thing to me on a card that’s just formatted on ER-301(didn’t even insert it to my Macbook). 666STN still gets the extension .LUa and the OS can’t load it.


And just to be sure, when I say format with the ER-301, I mean using the admin > Card Console on the ER-301:



Yes, formatted the card using the card console. Tried it twice, both times still .LUa extension.


Why did you try it twice? (Just making sure you didn’t add any extra steps between formatting and trying your test procedure.)


Oh, just to make sure that the card was properly formatted. I thought that formatting the card via ER-301 would get rid of the issue, but as it didn’t, I decided to try formatting another time.

Both times straight after the formatting I did the following steps:

  • Add Manual Grains to OUT1
  • Save chain (OUT1 - S3)
  • New File
  • Name it 666ZZZ
  • Observe the results by loading it (OUT1 - S1)


Do you have another card handy to test with?


I do, but unfortunately gotta run. I’ll test it out ASAP.


No pressure. I have plenty to do. :wink:


Quick note:

Powering on the 301, creating one sine oscillator, then saving the chain with the name 666STN (ahem) results in this


@odevices I tried it now with another card, which used to be in Radio Music earlier. Formatted it on ER-301, added Sine Osc, saved, named it 666ZZZ, and still the extension was .LUa.

Edit: Also wanted to mention that this card had been inside a Mac OS X before being formatted, but shouldn’t it matter if the formatting was done on ER-301?


What happens if you try it with v0.4.03? (Obviously, I’m grasping at straws here :blush:)


Sure, I can try it in a week or so! :+1: Right now I’d rather keep the 0.3.25 there as I’ve got a gig where I need the ER-301 in on Saturday, but I’ll try that out after that!

Edit: Unless @josker would like to try it with the 0.4.03 before me, as you did seem to have the same issue?


Hey Brian!

It seems as if it’s only forgetting the “global” channels, however this happens in both preset loads as well as in quick-saves! It’s consistent forgetting in any case I’ve tried so far.

(also, i send you a private message about a file structure thing)


Just to clarify the issue I’m having:

The 6-track recorder is forgetting all assigned “global” channels and leaves an empty space instead, no matter if it’s saved as a preset or as a quick-save. Would be fantastic if it could be fixed :slight_smile:


Thank you for the bug report. :bowing_man:
I’ll be fixing this in v0.4.09.


Great, thanks! This is the only stable version though, and would love to use it for my live performances as its an easy way to multitrack while playing out live - any chance we could have it on 0.3? :hugs: (no pressure)


Goddam this module is the most inspiring bit of kit I’ve owned in 25 odd years of working with electronic music. Each new update, each day exploring it, each idea turned into reality. Magic in our lifetime.