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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



i had 3 crashes during auto slicing on onsets while the file was playing. don’t know if the files are just too large or if this isn’t possible while playing the sample.



Thanks Brian! This is great!



Yep, I can see a use case where you might want to re-use the same sample across different units with different slice information.


At the same time, I see a value of being able to edit samples locally (different information specific to units), and editing in/from the file browser (information shared by/in all units utilizing that sample).
Which is what Brian suggested above.


I also find some aspects of the UI odd and that thin freeverb row looked strange to me.

The physical buttons don’t always feel like they line up with the icons as neatly. Some of the choices are sort of diagonally oriented. Besides that, I like the workflow improvements very much, especially the recent units at the top and the categorization. The fact that the sample browser remembered my last folder was great too.


i like the new UI / menu concept but feel that the encoder/vertical scroll sensitivity could be reduced a touch.

many thanks for all these updates! can’t wait to dig in :slight_smile:


I picked the wrong week to rejigger my case. Can’t wait to try out the new units.



User Control Names: the names don’t show up in the local select list, all Ii see are the scopes. Tried again after a restart and now i see them… hrmm…

Not a bug, but an ease of use factor:
-when creating 4 trigger custom controls and naming them 1,2,3,4 as you go… they show up in reverse order in the custom unit GUI. **UPDATE: ** Just realized this is user error on my part, but it would be ideal if the cursor automatically moved to the right of last created control so the next control added is placed to the right instead of the left.

-if the local control list was laid out in the same order as the controls are placed on the unit’s GUI.


Bump Map

-Noticing this is fairly CPU intensive compared to some other utilities? I made a little 8 step programmable drum machine custom unit using 2 sample players (each with 8 bump maps/ADSR/VCA) and I’m at 75% CPU @ 48k

-The scopes would be awesome if it was some sorta graphical version of your diagram, so you could see the window being created on top of the incoming signal.


Units no longer collapse into their smallest footprint when tapping M1 (or is that by design?)


I just updated to V0.3.2 and I hadn’t been doing much with my modular since about August and realized my last update was from firmware V0.2.9!

The new layouts are beautiful and this scroll down menu for units is so nice and I knew when I got this machine last November it was going to be the end all be all module. Many thanks for your continued hard work, it’s amazing!


+1 on this!




we’re talking wowsers


We’re not talking wowsers here! Au contraire!


…but of wows…and perhaps a bit slow off the mark, but I’ve just discovered preamp settings, this for me fabulous! Yet another “thanks Brian!”


As an Australian, I would say that it has different meanings depending on the context. I honesty read this as “wowsers - i.e. incredible”


I was being flippant :grinning:

As a rural Australian of a certain generation I can say that for me there is an immediate connotation of “decent church-goin’ women, with their mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces” (to quote an American) but I’m aware to subsequent generations it has that exclamatory meaning…


This is really in the spirit of fun and learning, so I hope it’s taken as such. This is me singing “La” at about a C2. Then playing a little melody.

First pass is sampled through NI Kontakt with all the bells and whistles turned on (Playback mode: Time Machine Pro, HQ and Preserve Formant enabled).

Second pass is the ER-301 Grain Stretch. I am having a little trouble getting the timing dialed in right on the ER-301. Put some delays in there to give a little time for the pitch CV, and have tried various delay times. But it’s still a little glitchier than I’d like Attaching the chain and the sample if anyone wants to give it a shot. :slight_smile: Gate on A1 and pitch on B1 by default.

Generous amount of the same reverb (Studio one plugin, not Freeverb) applied to both in the track.

Vocal Test.zip (361.1 KB)


You are welcome!

And just to re-iterate for everyone, those gains are applied before the signal hits the ADC which means there is no reduction in bit-depth.