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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Oh, another wow! I recalled an earlier thread which spoke of bit-depth reduction and assumed that was happening…and thought “who needs those extra 2 bits, sounds good to me!”. Really excellent function, and much appreciated!


i had a crash / hanging freeze auto-slicing on onsets whilst playing a longish 4 minute file. I think it ground to a halt whilst number crunching. Difficult to recreate as other times it was fine.


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Hi all!
Thank you for your work!
But why now I don’t assign for example assign an sin osc to a trig input of an ADSR?


The Trig input is to the left of the ADSR unit, not a subchain. The Trigger circle is just an added indicator.

The ADSR unit has always functioned this way.


Bump Maps are 1.7% for mono and 3.4% for stereo. I will take a look to see if it can be optimized more.

Pressing ENTER while the cursor is over the unit header will cycle between collapsed and expanded. I’ve been waffling about where to shoehorn this function. :sweat_smile:


Oh yes excuse me I’m confused…


awesome. Is there still a way collapse/expand all? Or is that the waffly part? :smiley:

Thx for looking into the Bump! :face_with_monocle:


Oops. Looks like I took out the chain-wide expand/collapse during one of my moments of indecision and forgot to put it back. So, yes it’s the waffles.


What if there was a simplified “Bump Map Gate” version that sent a gate high when the input signal and window condition = true, removing the fade and height parameters. Would that free up some juice?


I just had an out of memory error on a .wav file load, admittedly close to edit: 45 minutes in length (i’m more of the abovementioned long field recording school). What is the maximum file size we can load into the sample pool, or is that variable depending on other operations?


And another oops! Currently the fades are calculated using the Smoothstep function. The oops here is that I’m still wasting cycles calculating it even when fade is zero.


You can explore the answer to that question by going into the Sample Pool > Create Buffer screen and trying different lengths while switching between 1ch and 2ch. The required size is displayed in the sub-display. Sample memory is 480MB.

There is also the following entry in the ER-301 FAQ:


The above assumes the audio file is encoded at a 48kHz sampling rate. Scale appropriately for other rates. In otherwords, 22kHz files would take about half as much space. 96kHz files would take double the space.


I do not recall if the option to “move to mixer” was available for highlighted units in the previous firmware. Regardless, just wanna say that this is an elegantly simple option that I find highly useful for speeding up workflow. Thanks, Brian!


yes it was, late in the v0.2 release. Such a great function!


Ok, great, thanks for the detailed explanation

Edit: I hadn’t realised there had been such comprehensive additions to the wiki, shall be sure to read there prior to posting questions here in the future.


@NeilParfitt Oops. These are numbers are for the 96kHz firmware. 48kHz is half.


I’m loving the new firmware and features

Two quick things…

  1. Can we get loop to be the default behavior of the sample player again?

  2. My SD card unmounted itself after I performed a “purge unused samples” action and it would not remount afterwards until I power cycled.


Tried the new firmware yesterday and haven’t noticed any bugs yet. I really love the new interface. It’s a lot more fun to use the ER-301 now! Cheers!

New units are a lot of fun too. Love the quantizer (great animation) and the grain stretch and reverb units.