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V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Freeverb bug / problem - if you modulate size past the max, it will feedback on itself causing loss of sound. On stereo 48k


that would be a normal comparator function and i would love to have this too, so it’s possible to get gates from an audiofile, now it’s getting portions of the audiofile which sounds great as distortion but not suitable for triggering things.


I had a startup freeze… It froze at “writing data to card” and A1, B2 and C3 leds where lit.
I power cycled and everything is fine…
Don’t know how useful this is, just thought I’d let you know

I’m on .3.02 96kHz


If we had a phase comparator unit, could we then build our own PLLs? Might be fun.


If it could be possible to have the option for slicing information not to be shared globally across all units using the same buffer that would be really useful.


Be good to have this as an user defined option in the settings menu so we could chose what the default behavior could be.


I have a new ER-301 which I’ve yet to use at all. Would I be best to just upgrade the firmware now in order to just have the most up to date experience and get in on the ground floor with the new filesystem? Or is this firmware so unstable that a n00b would be best to avoid it initially?


Get busy with the new one!


Hi Brian!

The new extra prompt before deleting a unit is a welcomed life saver, but feels like it’s not always required with smaller utility units with few parameters.

I’m wondering if hold shift + M2 (delete) could override the yes/no and just delete it, or what if the delete unit function was more aware of certain conditions such as:

Prompt yes/no delete if:

-unit has samples / buffer assigned
-unit has 1 or more subchains with content or assignments
-custom units that not empty
-Channel mixer has subchain

This way, if it was a single set and forget utility or effect… deleting them would be immediate, saving some button presses.


Bug report:
empty quick saves won’t load if I am on another saved quick save patch. filled quick saves will load.


Unit Categories

Would channel Mixer make more sense being in the “container” category?


Yes. An empty quicksave and a quicksave of a blank ER-301 are not the same thing. Do you want me to change that?


Will do. :vulcan_salute:


Quick preliminary bug report.

I’ve had issues with the new grain stretch unit where slices playback strangely. It appears to be playing a portion of the start of a slice on the end, as if the playhead wraps around.

Or maybe that’s the intended behaviour?

Shift, etc all at their appropriate zero points. Was working with a typical sliced up breakbeat, with “left aligned” slices.

That’s probably not the greatest explanation, but will have another crack on Sunday and upload a short video if I can’t work out what’s happening.


Actually, I’m aware of this one but thank you!. The reason for this is that individual grains themselves are not aware of slice boundaries. I will address this soon


Should I get rid of the “How Often? once vs loop” option and just make a separate One-shot Player and Loop Player?




Golly, can this be better labeled? Its lack was a severely dis-incentivizing moment for me. (To the extent of looking up OTs on Reverb.com instead of playing with the new feature set.) I got past it, and the Freeverb is really nice. Still. I’ve been really used to the “up” convention getting me out of the current view, and this is a significant departure from that.


If this kind of thing is disruptive for you then I would strongly recommend staying away from the unstable firmware until I can get the kinks ironed out. :sweat_smile:

As for the UI change, I’m still feeling my way with these contextual views but I really want to make them proper citizens of the UI and not just momentary things that go away when not focused. Hence the change but I’m all ears.


I’m not sure if it was the same in 0.2.x but I’m liking the “enter” button to open and close the waveform view and NOT having to press the button under the shift or punch or whatever fader.

As I say, there’s always the possibility that this existed before and I had been doing it wrong!

Weirdly, however, I’ve also been looking for second hand octatracks today!


Wayfinding is non-optional for me. This navigation is not indicated as an affordance. So that takes me out of the moment of thinking musically and puts me back on my computer. At which point, I may as well be in my DAW, with all its inherent distractions.

I realize that with the real estate so severely limited, navigation is not necessarily going to be able to be consistent (e.g. the up-button convention). Non-consistent navigation needs indication, of some variety. Maybe a hyper-link style underline? An asterisk? Something to indicate poly-modal functions not otherwise accounted for in the “usual” workflow style.

Unlabeled polymodal behavior is a deal-breaker for me.

UI Design Philosophy and Practicalities