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V0.3.x-unstable Firmware Workout: Better late than never



Whooaw, never tried THOSE! :laughing:


@odevices Ok so Iโ€™ve copied the files over. Now, when I go to the quicksave menu, I cansee the names of the Quick Saves, but when I press load on any of them, they act as if they try to load but very quickly return to a blank chain. Here is one of my Quick Saves Iโ€™m having trouble loading:

Q01.lua (84.0 KB)

Do you think itโ€™s not loading because I need to move my recorded folder over to /0.3 as well?


This seemed to load fine for me. Are you running v0.3.18?

By the way, it looks like this quicksave was created with firmware v0.2.18 (unstable). I would recommend that you at least make sure they load in v0.2.27 (stable), save them again, and then bring them over to v0.3.18.


Thanks for your help! Saving in 0.2.27 did the trick.

Iโ€™ve delayed updating for so long (my Eloquencer too) because I simply love the workflow as it is and love the stuff that I create with it. Thanks again for your help getting my Quicksaves back.