V0.3xxx : ER 301

I cannot resist to this little joke.

Hope you all love me after that.


Your karma just took a hit, but still it’s kinda funny :slight_smile:


Bad man

The next time a bird poops on your shoulder, you’ll know it was for a reason :smiley:


Ouch, what is this big seagull just above my head.

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31 views in less than an hour, i’m going directly to the guiness book.

Is that how you spell HELL?


Not cool, thread should be deleted.

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Hahaha, this is great :smile: .

Who else is starting to think this could be as much V0.3 as we will see today as Brian works up against the midnight hour? At least we all got a laugh - hopefully Brian will too. If you read this @odevices I’m pretty sure you can relax that you won’t have an anarchy in the forum if you have to push the firmware forward another day or two.

We all get it; you are a perfectionist. It’s why we love your creations.

Yeah, for sure. As much as I enjoy the open nature of how he talks about his work, I don’t want it turning against him and creating undue pressure. It’s all in good fun, I think we’re all adults and can wait a bit.

/Goes back to fetal position under desk

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Heh, good one. You had me for a sec. :slight_smile:

Yeah, agreed, let’s not pressure the miracle man. We might end up with bad miracles! :boom:

Whenever I find myself in overzealous wait mode, I find something else to get into. For example, this weekend, I took a deep, deep dive into Native Instruments Massive. It’s a synth I’ve owned for years, but, shamefully, have never got much beyond the presets and macro controls (because there are SO many). Really went under the hood, and man, what a monster of a synth that is.


I knew this was fake news. One too many x’s!


Dammit, I don’t have another pair of pants to change into.