V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

Love the new routing options! Such a joy for feedback/parallel processing stuff that was a pain before. Can’t wait for the custom unit controls to work again/be updated!


Yeah, the scope is amazing

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The new scope is totally awesome for a newbie like me. And the improvements in file conventions and handling and source selection will address many of the early puzzles that I had when starting to patch with the unit. Very exciting. Thanks @odevices.


This is an instance wherein I wish I had 2x301’s, so that I could continue to explore and perform the patch I have set up at present, but also get my hands dirty on the new stuff!


really loving the new features.
have you noticed that when you have a modulation source with a long name (example: “Variable Sample Player”) the little display is a bit messed up with the modulation source name overlapping the “gain” parameter name?


Sorry about the silence. I have a metric ton of soldering to do at the moment.

There is no definitely no harm in discussing this or any other design-related stuff. :wink: In fact, it probably deserves its own thread which I will create now. Please add your 2-cents here:

FYI #1, I doubt I will be persuaded (but you never know!) to abandon the current locals/globals approach but the discussion is highly likely to yield interesting ideas or, at the very least, entertainment?

FYI #2, I may or may not have the time to properly address each and every challenge, even if you try to call me out with an @odevices. :laughing: I would love to of course, but I have to exercise discipline and try to get some work done.


had a brief go at this firmware tonight and it’s allready mindblowing. Such an intuitive workflow and providing food for thought instantly, thank you!

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thanks Brian!
of course i don’t expect you to answer all calls with your handle :smiley: i sometime do it just because i think you are actually overwhelmed and might miss some info.
if it is bothering in any way i’ll stop this now :smiley: :smiley:
as usual thanks for all the great work!!! i can’t stop saying to everybody i know how much this module changed my adventure in sound! (yes, i’m affected by a form of fanboyism here…i know…)

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Bug? Please try to replicate…
Create a mixer unit, put a sine into it, mute the mixer > i’m hearing a sawwave like tone, can pan it with the muted mixer and affect it with units placed behind the mixer, no waveform visible on unit scopes tho.

yes, i’m able to reproduce it! never noticed before!

I wanted to report this, but wasn’t sure this was actually 0.4 only, and if I maybe missed it before because I never used the mute and solo buttons much. My experience is this:

When muting a mixer channel while sound is playing through it, there is a funny ringing that keeps going until you hit the mute button again. When you do it, the level of the sound actually varies. When you hit the mute button while no sound is coming from the mixer channel, the sound doesn’t appear. So it is clearly related to the sound and the type of sound coming from the mixer. Some kind of “freeze” maybe? The strangest thing indeed is that no signal is present on the scopes… :ghost: :fearful: Ghost sound.

i’m pretty sure it is 0.4 only.
i used various muted mixer channels in live performances and never noticed this.
but i might be wrong.

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I reloaded fw 0.3.25 and i can confirm it is a 0.4 problem, on the 0.3 it doesn’t appear.

I’ve found that one too. It’s already fixed in the upcoming release :wink:


Thank you so much Brian for your hard work ! Just received mine, and already a new firmware…I’m speechless !! ( in the best way !! ) But i am a little bit confused about the cpu scope display… is there a new way to see it in this new firmware ? Sorry maybe that’s obvious, but i can’t find it…



Hum…Indeed it was obvious…Thanks a lot Phonk, sorry…

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Took me a while too, I thought it was for loading something into the 301 :smiley:

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Yeah, i thought the same ! not curious enough to enter this setting…I guess I have to embrace the er301 philosophy…:mage::blush:

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this menu item probably deserves a renaming though. “System load” is more straightforward, for example.