V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

updating for the screen saver. :grin:


Thank you for the update, and for the tweaks/additions to the screensaver!
I love the 2lines one: definitely feels more “at home” with the design sensibilities of the whole. At least in my opinion it does, and I am glad to have plenty of control over what happens: including the “Blank” option, which is probably the most efficient one of all :slight_smile:.

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@odevices Just updated and tried the new screen savers.
Love the bursting bubbles!
Much appreciated :pray:

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What is the last working low latency firmware? Can anyone point me towards it

been using neil’s trick of running a looper and vari-speed sampler off the same buffer. The wave form on the sampler is not updating, everything seems to still be functioning properly, but when I record a new loop into the buffer, the looper shows the new wave form but the varispeed sampler doesn’t update its screen. anyone else have this issue?
just want to add that I am doing all this in a global chain.

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i don’t know if it has been fixed (probably not if you encountered it on the latest firmware) but i think it is the same bug described in this topic

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Thanks! Love the “blank” screensaver!!!

The new Bubbles are Kandiskyesque. Were the old ones Van Goghish?


The old bubbles were more akin to a yayoi kusama obliteration room


an art project for children!

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Hello, I just got my 301 this weekend and I’m loving it! I wanted to report a small issue I discovered while making custom containers in v0.4.26.

I created a two-band container and added two toggle gates with the same name, “mute”. When leaving the configure screen one of the gate controls would disappear. I tried a few more things, like renaming the controls etc and eventually was able to crash the unit :slight_smile:

I suspect there’s some kind of naming conflict going on, interestingly it was working for a while if the controls had a different name first like “mute one/two” before I renamed them the same.

Hopefully this is enough information to go on, I can create the minimum repro steps later today hopefully.

Edit: Couldn’t repro the crash, but the basic problem is like this:

  1. Create a 2-band container on an empty track.
  2. Enter configuration screen and add two gate controls, both named “gate”.
  3. Press enter to leave the configuration screen. Observe only one gate control.

Since we are still discussing the screensaver… I wish that the startup animation actually matched the user selection of the screensaver. So that I can keep my unit bubble-free altogether.

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New users are the best beta-testers!

Not that ER-301 is in beta-state, though…

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Thank you. :bowing_man: Bug is confirmed and will be fixed!


The latest stable release is great. Aside from features like Hold, the biggest thing for me is that all my audio files load successfully now!

I guess not! In fact is there a repository for old firmwares anywhere?

I’m not aware of any. Perhaps it’s being reworked?

not sure if it was the last one.
but i found this…
er-301-v0.4.11-unstable-48kHz-f32.zip (1.6 MB)
personally, i wouldn’t go back to 0.4.11. but you’ll surely have some interesting reasons for asking.
i’m curious. what are you up to? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @mopoco :slight_smile: Simply need it as the 301 is my only one shot sampler at the moment. Surely im not the only that finds the standard firmware latency unbareable for percussion?


may i ask for some more details?
e.g. how are you triggering those one shots that makes you feel the latency unbearable.