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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

Yeah but then you get notifications like this one too.
Sorry, just orientating myself and trying to be helpful at the same time :slight_smile:

That’s why I recommended watching the other thread. It’s a locked thread and watching is per thread. Only Brian can post in ER-301 Activity Feed, so you’ll just get emails about ER-301 firmware updates or other major ER-301 news if you watch that one.



thanks. there are no bugs, only missing pieces.


You are half-right. The replace function is doing a confusing (wrong?) thing for Custom Units. The replace function really means:

  1. Save a temporary preset for the old unit.
  2. Delete the old unit.
  3. Insert the new unit.
  4. Load the temporary preset saved in step 1 into the new unit.

In other words, change the unit type but keep the preset. This obviously will not work for Custom Units because a Custom Unit’s patch and controls are part of its preset by design. In fact, defining what the replace command should do for Custom Units is really difficult. :thinking: I’ll have to think about it but at the moment the only use for replace in the context of Custom Units is to swap between Custom Effect and Custom Source.


Thank you for your response, it’s more clear now.
That’s why I thought that it would just replace the custom unit by another one !

image @odevices I think I found a hold mode bug…

I’ve created 3 pinsets to control 3 mixer’s level balances for ie: intro, verse and chorus

Each set has different mixer values.

If I enter hold mode, and press “up” so no pinset is in focus, it’s allowing all of them to be set to 100% if I cursor over a Pinset and press “enter”.

Which is essentially impossible as they’re all pinned to the same faders.

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Weird bug last night. ER-301 wouldn’t boot up while connected to a live I2C bus from a different case. Mostly just black screen with various LEDs lit but at one point the screen image from the prior day came back :open_mouth:

Powering up the I2C leader and the ER-301 simultaneously resulted in a successful boot up.

Rev7 hardware, newest firmware.

When bypassing this unit, the CPU doesn’t drop to the expected 3%, but more like 12% (from memory, away from rack ATM). Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Would be awesome to reliably be able to bypass units, especially in a live situation (load the entire set, and bypass/un-bypass as I work my way through the tracks)…

4x sines.unit (111.4 KB)

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For true bypass, yes.

I’ll have to check, pretty sure I tried both. It should be set to disable, right?

Could you try my silly unit, and see if you can bypass it to 3% CPU?

As always, many thanks for the bug reports everyone! :heart_eyes_cat:

v0.4.27 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Hold Mode > Enter/Commit and Home/Zero were not working properly when the cursor was over the master fader of a pin set.
  • FIXED: Custom Units and Bypass > Custom Units were not completely disabled when bypassed.
  • FIXED: Unit Editor > Duplicate control names were allowed when they should not be allowed.
  • FIXED: Slice Players > When restoring a preset/quicksave, The ‘Play Extent’ setting was getting overridden by a change introduced in v0.4.21.
  • FIXED: Track-and-Hold > “Track when low” mode was not working.
  • FIXED: Middle Layer > RoundRobin > Implementation was not finished.
  • ENHANCED: Saving Unit Preset > If the unit has been renamed, then suggested filename should be based on the unit name.
  • ENHANCED: Unit Browser > If a category only contains units from one external library then the library name will be added to the category rather than each unit.

Good stuff! Thanks @odevices!

There is something for us, that rhymes with bypass!! 0.4.27

I’m too hilarious … :roll_eyes:

Great, thanks!

Unfortunately, I still only bypass the posted unit to 7% (I’m expecting 3%)

4x sines.unit (111.4 KB)

Sorry. It is not possible to get it all the way down to 3% without some bigger changes to the framework that could potentially affect stability. Maybe I’ll make the necessary optimizations in v0.5.


Ok fair enough. A few questions:

  1. will those 4% add up for every unit?
  2. is there a way (for the user) to make sure units are 100% disabled, like certain things to avoid using?

The question is not very clear to me. Doesn’t your custom unit contain a large patch of many units?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

The idea for me would be to change strategy live, up till now I’ve had each “song” in separate quick saves. But as recently discussed around here, with bypassing it would be nice to have the whole set in one quick save and then bypass/un-bypass as I work my way through the set. So I might have say 8 mixer units (one for each song) on on the same chain/track/output (forgot the correct name) in the 301, all but one would be bypassed at any given time. So would I potentially be looking at 7x4% CPU overhead or just 4%? Does that make sense?

The new naming looks wonderful :slight_smile: Btw I tried out the RoundRobin object but I can’t seem to get my gate signal to pass through it, any chance you can share the header/source? I’m wondering if I’m using the wrong name for the inlet connection.