V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

Is this « command bus » expected in 0.4 ? or later ? I’ve just seen that this feature is now listed in the “in progress” section of the tracker…

I’m currently having trouble assigning custom controls to my units. When connecting a custom control to some parameter it says “No Signal” even though it’s a regular Offset bias control. I’ve been doing this on automatic for a while so I think I’m going crazy. Did I miss something, what am I doing different? I didn’t downgrade, upgrade or anything :flushed:

This is my custom control, at 3.2 with a gain of 1 (even though that’s not relevant I think when not using external voltage - just in case)
Here I’m trying to connect the wet parameter of a Delay unit to the custom control. It says “no signal” in the scope view.
Indeed, no signal
and no offset being added to the parameter, even though Gain is set at 1 and I clearly connected the control.
I might be delusional, or braindead, but did anyone experience this? What am I doing wrong or different than I did before?

Make sure you have the left channel selected when making the selection. For example, if the chain is OUT1+OUT2 then OUT1 should be selected. The reason is that in stereo chains the focused channel for display and scope selection is governed by the channel selection.

I’ll fix this so that the channel selection doesn’t matter when you are dealing with a mono control in a stereo chain.


Perfect! :smile: I’m just relieved I’m not going crazy. I forgot there was indeed one variable that has changed recently and that is the stereo units I’m making. Cool, thanks!

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What does the command bus do?

The prophecies speak of two concepts or special powers if you will that will mark the beginning of a new era of ultra-super-human sonic dominion and supremacy. One is called the “Command Bus”, the other is “Hold Mode”. You can find many speculations and interpretations around the forum on what they are and how our lives will look like when they are bestowed upon us, but there is no hard evidence and they may well belong to the realm of myth and superstition. There is however mention of a great disaster that will befall on the creator, if some or indeed all of these revelations shouldn’t be delivered by the end of May 2019. It’s quite exciting because that’s just seven days to go! We could refer to it as the culinary catastrophe. You can read more on this here https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/preparation-of-hat.


I was about to reply (without even knowing exactly what it does) but @Bparticle’s reply is perfect :smiley:

I hope it gives the possibility to create a kind of MLR in combination with a Teletype, and more and more and more :wink:

Oh yes, I forgot to mention hope! The prophecies are mainly there to give us hope my friends. Hang in there! :smile:

(Oh by the way, I’m really not sure if the Command bus or Hold mode will be in the next release of the firmware so please don’t take any of what I said very seriously)

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I have the same issue as Simontl. I see in 4.09 that channel mutes in quicksave was fixed. Strange issue on 4.11 (96 KHz), I have a quicksave active (number 4). Everytime it loads it mutes channel 4. I didn’t even know about the mute function, so I didn’t ever save it that way, and even when I un-mute and resave, anytime I load the channel becomes muted.

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i think i met this issue too.

Don’t know if this is a bug.

I’m building a mutitap delay. In one version I started building it with Doppler Delay, after completing the first version, I decided to make a second version using regular Delay, replacing all of the Doppler Delays with Delay. After swapping, I save the unit by creating a new file and giving it a new name. Then when I open up the first version, all the Doppler Delays have been changed to Delays even though I saved as a new file. Both of the versions now have just Delays.

EDIT 01: After restarting and not restarting into a Quicksave, I managed to save 2 different units with their respective delays. Seems to be confusing somewhere with the Quicksaves?

I can’t tell from your description if you are using quicksaves (which use slot semantics) or presets (which use file semantics).

I have 2 Custom units saved, one intended to have regular delay, other with Doppler delay.

I was initially loading into a quick save, which had all the taps using regular delay, replaced them with Doppler delays, then saved by overwriting the custom unit intended for Doppler delay. After this, irregardless of which version of the custom unit I open - both with be with Doppler delay. If I did the opposite and replaced the Doppler delay with regular delay, save overwriting one of the custom units, both files I opened would be be regular delays.

Hope that makes sense.

@odevices hope your hat is tasty :upside_down_face:

are you saving them with different names?

There are just 2 files, one a version with Doppler other with Regular delay. I overwrite when I save.

I dont know if ibget this right…anyway try to save two different presets,one with normal one with doppler and name them differently

Lol think I explained really badly, they are already named differently.

I’ll check again to see if I can recreate this as I’m a bit lost as to when it happens.


oh sorry, i got it wrong! never happened to me anyway.

v0.4.12 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Custom Controls > Renaming a control was not propagating to other parts of the UI properly.
  • FIXED: Audition > Auditioning on ch2 mutes ch1 and leaves it muted.
  • FIXED: Quicksaves > Sometimes output chains were not unmuted after loading a quicksave.
  • FIXED: Unit Deletion > GUI would become unresponsive during deletion of a unit with lots of sub-chains.
  • FIXED: Local Source Selection > Problems when assigning mono sources to mono destinations within a stereo output chain.
  • FIXED: File Browser > Saving > Checking if an existing file will be overwritten was not done when entering a new filename.
  • FIXED: Contextual Sample Views > Zooming interface is now standardized to use the KNOBMODE button like the sample/slice editors.
  • FIXED: Contextual Sample Views > Channel selection now affects whether the left or right channel of stereo samples are rendered.
  • FIXED: Offset unit > In stereo chains, the right sub-chain was inadvertently set to output to the left channel and the left input channel was ignored.
  • FIXED: Loading mono presets into stereo chains (and vice versa) sometimes failed to restore some parameters.
  • FIXED: Sample Players > ‘Play Duration != repeat’ should not play on start-up or when changing samples.
  • FIXED: Locals in Stereo Chains > Having the right channel selected when connecting a mono control yielded “No Signal”.
  • ENHANCED: Raw Player > Added ‘speed’ parameter which must be an integer since the Raw Player has no interpolation but allowing reverse playback, pausing, and integer decimation all under remote control. The default range is -4 to +4 but this can be expanded or reduced via the control editor.
  • ENHANCED: New bootloader > This firmware comes with a new bootloader that shortens boot times.
  • ENHANCED: Screen Saver > Set activation time in System Settings. Default is 30 mins.
  • ENHANCED: Floating Menu > Push and hold (>0.3s) a unit header or control to make a floating menu appear. Make your selection with the knob and release the button to execute.
  • ENHANCED: Custom Units > Renamed to Custom Effect.
  • ENHANCED: Hold Mode introduced.
  • ENHANCED: Custom Unit > The Custom Unit was split into Custom Source and Custom Effect units.

Known Issues:

  • Paste option does not always show up when it should.
  • Sample Loading > Gives a parser error message instead of “out of memory” error message when trying to load a sample that is larger than the remaining free RAM.
  • Containers > Loading a container with a stereo-only (or mono-only) unit into a mono (or stereo) chain causes a freeze.
  • Multi-band > local connections between bands are not persisting.
  • Low-latency firmware only > Clicks when recording from IN1-4.