V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

v0.4.12 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Custom Controls > Renaming a control was not propagating to other parts of the UI properly.
  • FIXED: Audition > Auditioning on ch2 mutes ch1 and leaves it muted.
  • FIXED: Quicksaves > Sometimes output chains were not unmuted after loading a quicksave.
  • FIXED: Unit Deletion > GUI would become unresponsive during deletion of a unit with lots of sub-chains.
  • FIXED: Local Source Selection > Problems when assigning mono sources to mono destinations within a stereo output chain.
  • FIXED: File Browser > Saving > Checking if an existing file will be overwritten was not done when entering a new filename.
  • FIXED: Contextual Sample Views > Zooming interface is now standardized to use the KNOBMODE button like the sample/slice editors.
  • FIXED: Contextual Sample Views > Channel selection now affects whether the left or right channel of stereo samples are rendered.
  • FIXED: Offset unit > In stereo chains, the right sub-chain was inadvertently set to output to the left channel and the left input channel was ignored.
  • FIXED: Loading mono presets into stereo chains (and vice versa) sometimes failed to restore some parameters.
  • FIXED: Sample Players > ‘Play Duration != repeat’ should not play on start-up or when changing samples.
  • FIXED: Locals in Stereo Chains > Having the right channel selected when connecting a mono control yielded “No Signal”.
  • ENHANCED: Raw Player > Added ‘speed’ parameter which must be an integer since the Raw Player has no interpolation but allowing reverse playback, pausing, and integer decimation all under remote control. The default range is -4 to +4 but this can be expanded or reduced via the control editor.
  • ENHANCED: New bootloader > This firmware comes with a new bootloader that shortens boot times.
  • ENHANCED: Screen Saver > Set activation time in System Settings. Default is 30 mins.
  • ENHANCED: Floating Menu > Push and hold (>0.3s) a unit header or control to make a floating menu appear. Make your selection with the knob and release the button to execute.
  • ENHANCED: Custom Units > Renamed to Custom Effect.
  • ENHANCED: Hold Mode introduced.
  • ENHANCED: Custom Unit > The Custom Unit was split into Custom Source and Custom Effect units.

Known Issues:

  • Paste option does not always show up when it should.
  • Sample Loading > Gives a parser error message instead of “out of memory” error message when trying to load a sample that is larger than the remaining free RAM.
  • Containers > Loading a container with a stereo-only (or mono-only) unit into a mono (or stereo) chain causes a freeze.
  • Multi-band > local connections between bands are not persisting.
  • Low-latency firmware only > Clicks when recording from IN1-4.

Sorry, but where do i find the files? :slight_smile:

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Won’t be able to download and play until later. Any hints or teasers?

then you are in Hold Mode :slightly_smiling_face:


A quick-and-dirty description of Hold Mode.

Moving the MODE switch to hold will display the Hold View for the selected channel group (i.e. OUT1 or OUT1+2 and so on).

Each Hold View contains a series of PinSets. Each PinSet contains controls that you pinned via the Edit View (long press a control and select pin to <new>).

0072 0073
Pinned controls behave as usual in the Edit View but when manipulated in the Hold View, the newly dialed value does not go into effect until you press ENTER(i.e COMMIT). Alternatively, instead of individually committing pinned controls to their target values, you can also fade all controls (from their current value to its target value) in a PinSet using its Master Fader.

Here are 2 PinSets (called A and B). PinSet A has three faders from Mixers and PinSet B has two triggers from Varispeed Players:
0082 0083

You can also mix-and-match the fader and gate controls in the same PinSet:

PinSets can be cloned and renamed so you can organize and control your most important controls together. The same control can be pinned to more the one PinSet. So, if you want to have quick recall of various target values then you can arrange to have the desired control in more then one PinSet each with different target values.

There are some differences for pinned gates but they should be pretty self-explanatory.


Sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

I hope the sentiment survives actual usage! :blush:


0.4.12 (48khz, normal latency)

I discovered a bug while trying to load a sample into a variable speed player

Starting from a blank project.

  • Insert a “Variable speed player” on track 1.

  • Press “M1” under the name of the unit.

  • Turn the encoder and the modules crashes.

I’m gonna post the crash.log to your email address @odevices (as suggested on the crash screen “Oops something went wrong”) or shall I post it here as well ?

Oh that was a last minute piece of code I took out. I know exactly what it is. One sec.


That sounds a little like Performance controls on an Elektron Analog Rytm? Cool! Like Joe I’m also in “hold-back” mode until this evening, but yeah so stoked to try it out!

v0.4.13 CHANGES

FIXED: Unit Header > Crash when focusing a unit header and turning the encoder.
FIXED: Unit Config Menu > Was not reachable.


Initial thoughts for those who are waiting till later:

  • Bubbles!
  • loads are so fast now
  • The control long press menu is so handy without traversing to the unit header and menu diving

Questions for @odevices :

  • Hold mode is awesome for macro level controls. So powerful and very intuitive.
    – CV control of macro param?
    – Are there plans to use different transition curves in addition to linear?
    – Add breakpoints?
    – reordering of pinned controls (aka hold to reorder?)
    – Enabling Fine/Coarse control over pinned controls in Hold mode?
    – Allowing setting a default control value so 'Zero’ing out pinned controls resets to an arbitrary initial state?

Amazing update! My multitude of questions are my method of showing my enthusiasm!


Bug: Moving Master Fader of PinSet when there is more than one PinSet on screen, makes the other Master Fader snap to 0 (though the associated parameters do not move).

Bug(?): Unpin doesn’t seem to work. (Unpin All seems fine)

(@odevices, will it be possible to automate the Master Faders at some point?)

This is intended behavior which is necessary because once you move one Master Fader the “meaning” of any other “half-dialed” Master Faders becomes vague. Think of each Master Fader as always just pushing its pinned controls towards a point in target space from wherever they are when you focused the Master Fader.

Thanks! The workaround is to unpin in Edit Mode.



Oops. This is a bug.


Thanks for the quick reply. I might have found another bug regarding Zeroing out custom unit controls. Shift-Home (Zero) doesn’t seem to set controls back to 0 or the minimum value.

I’ll get that fixed soon too.


I did wonder if it was intentional. However, because the parameters do not snap back to the position they were at when the Master Fader was at 0, its possible to end up in a situation where you can’t return the parameter to its initial value. It also seems like the Master Fader only snaps to 0 when you make a positive change to another parameter, but not a negative change.

Hmm. Maybe I need to play around with it some more. It may be user error.

I think (I could be wrong) this was intended so you can continue to transition from 0 to 100% continually vs only from a fixed point initially defined at 0%. e.g. every time you start to change the value of the pinned control in hold mode it sets that as the 0% state, and as you modify the control, that is now the 100% state to interpolate to.

I wonder if a default value setting in a pinned control config (that you can zero out or trigger to) might enable resetting the controls to a default preset-like state.

edit: @rikrak As a single datapoint, It seems like the transition from 0 to 100% positive or negative pinned control change seems to work over here.