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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



nope, every time i turn on my modular, load up that quicksave and go to assign inputs. only sometimes it doesn’t happen.

the audio too immediately stops


ok, i managed a way to avoid this:
i saved the Quicksave after deleting the Loopa! mixer unit.
then rebooted, loaded up the quicksave after purging unused samples, now i can assign inputs, so it is, as i thought, a problem with buffers. or so it looks


So even after multiple reboots I’m not getting the crash, so it looks something crucial is still different in my test case. I’ll keep brainstorming possibilities.


try this, in light of my last post:

create from scratch a setup like mine, with a looper setup as mine, use the looper, then save the quicksave, with or without bypassing the Loopa!. without purging the unused samples\files

i think the conflict is with buffers and i-o when saving with active buffers or something like this.
anyway my workaround for now is to load the quick save and insert the mixer channel “loopa” preset after loading. now everything works fine. i only have to remember to load it up each time.
this is the setup i use with the trio i play with so it is a bit daring on my side to do it with bleeding edge firmware :slight_smile:


Now I’m confused. Can you cause the crash on your ER-301 whenever you want or not?


now i have learnt how to avoid it!
saving the quicksave WITHOUT the loopa! unit.
then adding later, each time i load up the quicksave. this is not optimal but i can work with it.
if i save it WITH the loopa unit, i get the freeze when i load the quicksave and go to assign inputs.


There are a few of your points that I sense that I’m not understanding but I probably have taken up too much of your time already. :bowing_man: I’ll investigate further and see what I can find. Thank you @hyena!


absolutely not! if i can help in any way i’m more than happy to spend some time, given that the 301 has become my platform of choice, inside but also in parallel to the eurorack format. so if i can explain myself better please ask for clarifications!!! :slight_smile:


deleted, new evidences are confusing me even more.


hi, I haven’t read the whole thread, I am busy outside of internet, I hope I am not repeating what has already been said :slight_smile:
I have been having a lot of problems with quicksaves since I started working with v4.03 (I went straight from v3.x to v4.03). I started a new setup for my gigs including 2 er301, I had my first one in the first batch and the second one this summer. Both have the exact same behaviours with my quicksaves :
they completely mess the routing, even simple stuff . The user channel setup is 1-2 as a stereo pair and 3 - 4 as 2 mono outs. I use a lot of global chain, one of them is a stereo drum bus and another is a fx send bus. In user mode the stereo 1-2 outs are directly routing the global chain drumbus and the channel mono out 3 is used to route the mono fx send bus. I just specify those inputs directly on the user channel output, nothing else are in the user/local channel chains.
That setup my ER301s cannot quicksave.
Every time I reload a quicksave a channel of the global drumbus is in the input of the local mono channel 3 when It should be the global fx send in that input.
Every single time i have to choose myself the correct input (global fx send bus).
Furthermore same goes inside the global channels themselves where some inputs are switched by an unknown force of chaos that is driving me crazy :’’’(
I am having some importants gigs incoming and I really wish no to go back on v3 but I really can’t work efficiently right now :frowning:


Hello @makz and thank you for the bug report. However, I’m not having success in reproducing it. Here is what I did:

  1. I started with a blank patch.
  2. Linked OUT1 and OUT2.
  3. I created the following global chains:
  4. Then I assigned the drums global chain to the source of OUT1+OUT2.
  5. Next I assigned the fx global chain to the source of OUT3.
  6. Finally I quicksaved, rebooted and restored the quicksave. However, all assignments were restored correctly.

Note: I did all testing with v0.4.03 firmware. In other words, I did not create a quicksave in v0.3.25 and then try to open it in v0.4.03.

Do you mean there are other problems besides the scenario you described?


hi Brian, (I did not try to open V3 quicksaves myself don’t worry :wink: yes I have been having the same kind of issues into the global chains it feels like the er301 quicksaves (in my case) are not always pointing to the right inputs. I have tried deleting the QS files but it didn’t overcome the problem:


Perhaps, you misunderstood my post. I definitely believe you that the bug is there. :wink: My goal is to reproduce it so that I can track down the cause.

  • May I have a copy of your quicksave please?
  • Does it only happen with large quicksaves, or can you make it happen with a simple example?


here is the QS slot 1 folder in a rar https://we.tl/t-AiLc4qLTFd
I’am going to try with a simple example
edit : in a simple patch with only two global chains it works fine


I think I might have a possible suspect. Did you by any chance load the same chain preset twice into your patch?


I certainly did ! the fx send bus is basically the same mixer channel preset duplicated with different inputs


Perhaps, you misunderstood my post. I definitely believe you that the bug is there. :wink: My goal is to reproduce it so that I can track down the cause.

I had to lol a bit at this… it’s a sign of the huge difference between dealing with a “support team” about a bug and dealing with the developer about a bug.

The “support team” does everything it can to deny, obfuscate, and shift blame about the bug. Their goal is to make you go away. When they ask for more info, it’s to try to prove to you that you did something wrong.

A good developer loves nothing more than a reproducible bug report and a thread to pull on that will lead to a fix. When they ask for more info, it’s to try to slice right into the problem and solve it quicker.

The thing you learn as a developer after many painful lessons is that it’s not the bugs you hear about that hurt… it’s the ones you DON’T hear about.


So true. I should get this embroidered onto a blanket. :laughing:


I’ve noticed that sometimes when using the variable speed player that when I slice a sample the player will not advance to another slice even when receiving gates and CV to the slice input (with the gain/offset set appropriately).
The smaller window will show that it is registering slice 1, 2, 3… but the large waveform display will not show that it is advancing and will continue to just play the first slice over and over again.

If I go into the menu for the variable speed player and click on and off again on different playback options (play once, loop, etc…) and the slice selection options (nearest, index, 12tet) then it will start to work. It doesn’t happen again on that particular sample player after doing that voodoo ritual but chances are will happen if I load a new one with a new buffer.

Anyway, just throwing this out there. I’m not sure if other people have experienced this or not.


did you find anything ?