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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Yes I did and its fixed already in the next release.


Will I be able to update before october 10 or should I go back to 0.3 in the meantime (got a gig the 13th)


Please do not gig with v0.4 while it is in its unstable state. Even if I released an update before Oct 10 it is highly likely there will be other bugs and potentially crashes as well. :bowing_man:


hello @odevices, were you perhaps able to reproduce my freezes in the end?
i think that might be a serious threat…
if not and if you want\when you got time we might schedule a quick chat over some channel , i thought it might be easier for me to point you in the right direction for sorting this out.
i have found a safe workaround but the problem is still there. would like to contribute if i can be of some help :slight_smile:


Thanks @hyena. However it will be more helpful to revisit this freeze after v0.4.04 is released because there will be significant low-level changes.


ok, first thing i’ll do will be trying to reproduce them on the new fw (maybe they will be gone :slight_smile: ) and report! can’t wait for the next iteration :wink: i miss custom units development but i don’t want to spend too much time in 0.3 given the crazy amount of good stuff i’m conjuring in 0.4 :slight_smile:


Not sure if intended behaviour but when clearing a chain and switching to scope a signal is still present. Attached video below. Running 0.4.03 48Khz


against all wise advices i used 0.4 all the way through the process of the recording of the first album by the trio i’m playing in (hollow bone) this weekend.
it was a wonderful experience, the studio is located in a secluded barn in the countryside, we recorded to analog tape and then to protools (multitrack obviously). the er-301 played his role perfectly and i’m really happy with the results. i’m always surprised by how good it sounds. i formerly used an octatrack for samples but there is absolutely no competition: the 301 sounds WAY better, especially when you sum multiple sources on a single output you notice the big difference.


similarly, i gigged on saturday with 0.4, and it was rock solid and awesome. great fun cutting up samples on the fly and using them on multiple channels driven by a euclidean drums patch on the monome teletype via i2c.


Just checking in to give an update on the (long overdue) v0.4.04. I’ve finally reached the top of the mountain and I can at last see the valley on the other side stretching below me. Literary Translation: I expect to have v0.4.04 out by the end of next week (Oct 19th *).

* I of course reserve my inalienable right to blow right through this vanity deadline by a day or so. :blush:


I was working on a video for the quantized external offset.

The Sample Scanner seems to map incoming signals from -0.5 to 0.5 across the full range of the sample (width = 1.0). I was expecting it to map -1.0 to 1.0 across the full range. Is this working as intended?


I’m guessing that you have the height parameter set to 0.5?


I have tried 0.5 and 1.0. It only seems to scale the output? Or at least that’s what I was expecting. Is it height an input focused parameter?


Ooops. I misunderstood your question. I thought you were talking about the output. It does look like the input is getting scaled by 2 for some reason that I don’t remember at the moment. However, I think you can undo that by multiplying by 0.5 before the Sample Scanner?


Actually I have a +/-5V input going into the Sample Scanner, and it just works. I was expecting to have to multiply by 2 before going into the Sample Scanner unit, and was surprised when I didn’t.

That’s why I was wondering if it was a bug? Or if it was by design since the builtin oscillator units are by default scaled to 0.5 via their bulitin VCAs. I think a lot of hardware modules do +/- 5V too, so if it’s by design it makes sense, I guess. Might just be good to note on wiki. :slight_smile: I can update it if you want.


I would be grateful if you made a note on the wiki. In the meantime, I will try to remember why I have it this way…:thinking:




Found a bug in 0.4.03, 100% reproducible : Insert a mixer channel, move the arrow to the fader area and push enter. Now you have the waveform and the mixer fader, the secondary screen goes blank. Move the arrow to the waveform and push enter again : the waveform disappears, the arrow is now on the fader area but the secondary screen does not show insert, solo and mute. If you push enter again, nothing happens. You have to move the arrow on any other element and go back to the fader to be able to enter again and see insert, solo and mute.


Looking forward to finally use custom units with 0.4!
Will the ones made with 0.3 work with the 0.4.04 firmware?


Laziness as usual :wink: :wink:

Stoked to see what you’ve been up to!