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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



A subtle hint @odevices but I got it :wink:

You’re adding a shepard risset tone generator, AWESOME!


That would be very cool.

Ps I’m dying over here.

  • With anticipation



(Ad libitum)


…and that’s


Here on Windows :slight_smile:


I’m just sitting here, getting e-mail updates for each new post, and getting excited for nothing… haha


Here’s another bit of excitement! :smiley:




ahh my favourite calibration tone… :heart_eyes:


What are the upcoming fixes aside from the custom units overhaul?


We’ll know in a couple of hours. For now, savor the moment - right now the universe is the limit (maybe beyond, too)!


v0.4.04 CHANGES

  • WARNING: This version has no support for presets/quicksaves made with previous firmware versions. I will be looking at what it takes to support the legacy presets over the next few weeks.
  • WARNING: There are changes in the middle layer API which means that bespoke units will need to be ported.
  • FIXED: Custom Units > Are back!
  • FIXED: Manual Loops > Sample Editor screen loses track of the active sample buffer when making edits.
  • FIXED: Source Assignments > There was a potential for source assignments using duplicated chains or units (such as when loading presets or pasting from the clipboard) to restore incorrectly.
  • FIXED: Slices > It was possible for slices to become unsorted and thus out of order with respect to their slice number.
  • FIXED: Local Sources > Sub-chains were tapped pre-control rather than post-control.
  • ENHANCED: Channel Link/Unlink > Linking will keep the contents of the upper chain. Unlinking will duplicate the contents of the original stereo chain into the 2 resulting mono chains.
  • ENHANCED: Buttons > Improved button debouncing.
  • ENHANCED: All Faders > Added hysteresis to the encoder control for more precise dialing.
  • ENHANCED: All Faders > Focus-pressing Sx or SHIFT+Sx will bring up a numeric widget for dialing in an exact value (between -999,999 and 999,999, ignoring any fader minimum/maximum). ENTER to commit new value and return. SHIFT+ENTER to just commit but stay on the widget. UP or CANCEL to return without committing.
  • ENHANCED: Locals > Assignment of the left vs right channel is dictated by which (OUTx) channel is currently selected.
  • ENHANCED: Unit Chooser > The ‘Recent’ category includes any recently pasted unit(s).
  • ENHANCED: All Units > You can now add custom controls to any unit and then use them as local sources in any of the sub-chains.
  • ENHANCED: Control Editor > Almost all unit controls (both custom and builtin) can be edited now. Does the range or stepping of the bias or gain not suit your needs? Do you want to invert the output of a gate control or change its latching behavior? Just go to the unit menu and select ‘Edit Controls’.
  • ENHANCED: Scale Quantizer > Any scala (*.scl) files located in ER-301/scales will be automatically added to the list of available scales.
  • NEW UNITS: Two Bands … Six Bands > Multi-band versions of the Custom Unit which can be used for parallel processing. The unit’s input is routed to each band untouched. Each band is mixed to unity to produce the unit’s output.


Holy schnikes! This is massive! Wow, thank you Brian!

Looks like I have homework…


AAAAARGHHHHH!!! yesss!!!
the custom controls everywhere is super doooooope!!!
scala files!!! yeeeessss!!!
full immersion starts in 3…2…1…


Support for scala files sounds amazing!
Thank you for all the continuing work!


LOW LATENCY!!! gonna try this one first!!!


first impressions:
low latency is SUPER TIGHT!!! i’m playing some cutup amen breaks from monome grid with ansible in earthsea mode, this is really sharp now.

possible bug:on a stereo chain i had a custom unit with a mixer channel containing the clocked player with slices. i put a FOLD unit after the player, distorted the sound, played with it a
bit and then tried to “bypass” it and 301 crashed requiring a reboot.
rebooted, reloaded the custom unit (i saved it before adding FOLD), added the fold again, messed with parameters, hit bypass and boom, so the problem is reproducible


Wow Brian! the new multiband container allowing us to put controls wherever! Thank you for your hard work.


I don’t see any reference to “latency” in the change log. What am I missing?


just look at the files:
apart from the two usual suspects (48 and 96 khz) there is another one with a short description. super low latency!!!


Check top post 47

btw, was wondering, about the low latency: do you still get more “cpu headroom” then the 96khz version?