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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



oh, you won the “i know something joe doesn’t contest”. Dangit :wink:


Actually, I will be sending the ported versions of your bespoke units some time tomorrow. It’s the least I can do.

Darn it. I knew there was something obvious that I forgot to test. I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I’m off to bed now :sleeping:


get some really earned rest :smiley: :smiley:


Quick bug find: Clearing an input doesn’t work: pressing the a3 button does nothing


thank you for this update !

i tried bunch of custom units but can not make it work. Anyone tried that? It seems like it loads it but it does not.

possible bug report (reproducible) : vari-speed player - to preview a sample causes crash


Crash on sample preview : confirmed with card player and varispeed player
S3 button doesn’t clear chain input : confirmed
Inserting a custom unit with S3 still displays “coming soon”


Noob question regarding multiband units:
What are the benefits of a multiband unit compared to e.g two mixers inside a custom unit? The visual feedback in the outer layer? Is there more?

/aaah got it! :sweat: The input goes through it…how convenient


I was about to reply with that. But it actually looks like you can select the unit input from locals now… :thinking:

But I guess there’s also:

So seems like if parallel processing is what you want to do, these are super convenient.


yes, forgot to mention that, same here.




Won’t have time to fully dive into this until later but I did take a quick tour of the controls editor and numeric value entry, and these are so, so awesome!!! :sparkler::boom::dizzy:

Possible bug: tried to change V/Oct control on a Variable Speed Player to min/max Bias of +/-4800. It didn’t seem to effect it after committing the change on this particular control.


Bug: When deleting a control on a custom unit > crash


I can confirm elias 's bug


Sounds promising! is the latency lower than the 96kHz version? And would you be able to make a more complex patch before pops and clicks with the 48kHz llv* then doing it on the 96kHz firmware?

*Low Latency version



  1. Inserting a variable speed player and trying to audition a sample when browsing samples on the card crashes the 301. Manual grains, too.

  2. Trying to insert a SC.TR unit results in ‘Failed to load unit’. SC.CV, too.

  3. Trying to move a sine osc (that was in the 1v/oct subchain of a saw oscillator) into a mixer using the shift+encoder functionality results in a crash.

I’m on the low-latency firmware.

EDIT: Got this already: Is the previous firmware available somewhere?


BUG: Bypassing leads to a freeze, i tried on filters, delays, reverb.

I’m out for today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


never tried the 96khz version myself so idk.
right now i’m using one clocked player with slices inside a mixer channel inside a custom unit on ch.1, 3 raw players inside 3 channels on ch.2, all receiving gates with fast tempo, up to now i’m about 12% cpu but no complex stuff now. unfortunately i’m unable to load some of my most complex stuff due to backward incompatibility so gonna check in the next days.


Yea just tried and it’s wonderful for parallel processing, much quicker then setting up mixers…inputs… Also having a overview of each bands waveform is great and looks ace.


I’d guess so; it’s not a proportional load from my experience. Only one way to find out for sure though!!:sunglasses:


Can’t wait to get into this FW!