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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



I’m getting around the same latency on low latency as I do on 96khz, so about 4ms. But I reckon there must be more cpu headroom.


I’m actually glad my ER-301 just crashed, I was using it to procrastinate.

Details of the crash: simple mono chain with an input going to a clocked delay, then into an allpass. I played a bit the allpass then went on to bypass it. I have enabled the option to disable units when bypassing. When I pressed Bypass the module crashed.

Great work Brian. Lots of cleverness sprinkled everywhere. Will spend more time with 0.4.04 later this week.


I just played a bit with the new firmware and here are some notes

  • “Set chain input: clear” seems to be broken: nothing happening.
  • Sample auditioning bug confirmed @josker
  • Confirmation of freeze when bypassing a unit.

I also tried to load a custom unit made on a previous firmware and that doesn’t work (empty chain) but that is according to expectations with the overhaul of that feature.

Love the way the replace unit feature is playing nicely with the different multi-band units! If you need more bands or need to drop one, just replace the unit with the require one: very cool. And the multi-band units in general are very inspiring, super handy. Complete surprise feature as well I think, unless I missed a discussion :yum:.

Great work, I’m excited to dive deeper into it.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: Haha, nice!! Didn’t expect that.


Those are some big small increments


Good morning! Thanks for the bug reports everyone. I really appreciate it. Squishing them now.


I’ve noticed that LPF/HPF units still require having bias greater than 0. This doesn’t make much sense if I want to use value set in custom unit’s control. Is that something that should be fixed?

Of course, with the new direct value entry UI this already can be overridden, which is awesome.


I’m sure there are more. Please keep 'em coming :bowing_man:

v0.4.05 CHANGES

  • FIXED: All units > Crash when bypassing a unit.
  • FIXED: All units > Unable to clear the input assignment.
  • FIXED: File Browser > Crash when auditioning a sample.
  • FIXED: Clipboard > Crash when using the ‘Move to Mixer’ feature.
  • FIXED: Teletype > Failed to load SC.TR and SC.CV units.
  • FIXED: Filter units > Allow zero bias on the cutoff.
  • FIXED: Control Editor > Crash when deleting a control.
  • FIXED: Control Editor > Some edits to pitch controls were having no effect.


@odevices, I’m playing back some 44.1kHz samples in the variable speed sample player using the 48kHz low-latency firmware, and it seems as though the samples are being played back as if they were 48kHz samples (that is to say, they’re playing slightly pitched up). Thanks for adding the low-latency option, by the way!


May I ask you to reconfirm that? I’m playing my 440Hz test tone wav file using the Varispeed player and it checks out on the oscilloscope.


Yeah, I’m tripping. It’s working as expected. Not sure what I was thinking.


:heart_eyes: Tremendous!!!


perfect! no bugs atm
thanks for your hard work!


That’s what I like to hear!

But we all know it is just a matter of time :laughing:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
hard at work to cause some trouble here :smiley:


i wanted to test how the 301 reacted to a huge SCALA files library (for huge i mean more than 4000 files), if it was readable from the list, if it crashed it in some ways…
didn’t think that the files have to be loaded in ram for it to use them. so i inserted a scale quantizer five minutes ago. it is still loading :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i will report how much time it needs to load them if i dont get too nervous earlier and just power cycle :smiley:
anyway while it is loading, all the rest of the units on the same chain and other chains are perfectly responding, to external control too. this is really smart engineering :slight_smile:


Why am I not surprised that you would be the one to try that? :laughing:


You’re famous all over the world, @hyena :smiley:


troublemaking since 2001 :smiley:


45 minutes and running :smiley:

EDIT: ok it made it in about 50 minutes :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
when i pointed to the scale list it froze for a moment but then i’m able to scroll thru the list and everything works fine :slight_smile:
ok , now i’ll make a short list of useful scales and use them :smiley: