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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



ch.1: cu with a mixer channel containing a clocked player with a sliced file
ch.2: 3 mixer channels containing 3 raw players
ch.4: i insert a mixer channel, insert an fm operator, go into v\oct and insert a pingable scaled random, go inside the pingable scaled random and try to assign the gate input to trig it and freeze.

i have already updated joe’s bespoke with @odevices port and updated testlib with the fixed fm operator.


reproduced under another context:
inserted a mixer channel with an aliasing saw oscillator, went into v\oct, inserted a scale quantizer (now i have about 30 scales, it loads up pretty fine).
inserted before it a pink noise followed by a s&h.
as soon as i try to assign anything to the trig input boom, freeze.
EDIT: with freeze i mean the interface is totally unresponsive, the GUI freeze but the audio is still coming out and other units respond to external control and clock.


it seems it only happens when i do it after loading my quicksave.
i upload it for test:
slot21.zip (6.3 KB)

EDIT: since i had prior problems possibly linked with quicksaves and given the non-compatibility of the vast majority of them with the actual firmware i renamed the folder and created a new one.
i’ll try to recreate the same exact situation and see if i can reproduce the freeze here too.

EDIT 2: so far i’m unable to reproduce the freeze, so it seems to confirm my intuition: something wrong with my quicksaves…


How can we get Joe’s bespoke units up and running?? I missed that part
EDIT: found it :slight_smile:

Joe started a Scala thread, but lazy as I am, I’m just wondering where you got those 4000 tunings @hyena…? Somehow I don’t believe you hand crafted every single one of them, unless, well unless you did :exploding_head:


I think the 4000 files archive is available on the Scala website. http://www.huygens-fokker.org/docs/scales.zip And the custom units are here :slight_smile: Some new Units to share


exactly that gigantic collection


do the custom units from before work with this firmware - or do they need to be ported somehow? itching for some Ultraviolet…


I don’t think so. Not yet. I’m pretty sure custom units count as a preset.


Ah, right. Thank you.


Working on a new, slimmer version of UV. Much less complicated due to some of the new tools. I’ll try to have it up tomorrow.


This is fantastic news. Thank you, really looking forward.


Dude / Sir, I’d hug you if you were here and not protesting. I’m looking forward to messing up a workday in the studio by playing with this release, don’t tell my clients, their deadlines are in danger.


.4.4 xBand Custom Units:

Is there a way to rename the band(x) names?

Idea for the outer most layer:

  • On the outer most layer, what if the currently vacant smaller screen and S controls were mute and solo for that particular band?

Edit controls Area

  • What is the question mark below each band? It still has this, it even if there are units within.

  • a general preference for focus order. Currently, the focus order starts on the control so you can’t immediately nav the list and set your min/max, bias properties etc. Any chance of a preference for the other way around? I found myself instinctively wanting to scroll down down the moment arriving at this screen. Anyone else?

  • “Press Enter when done” clue at top control setup screen. I missed this “captain obvious” moment for a few minutes when navigating around, and kept pressing ‘up’ resulting in an ‘all changes will be lost’ prompt. And then I was like… “Duh” … and pressed enter :slight_smile: Might be because the smaller screen has the Load/Reset/Save so your brain thinks those are the only options. What if it was Load/Save/Commit?

FM Operator

  • upon selecting: “Error in FM Operator (testlib)”. Do I have an out-of-date version?


I just have to say the new numeric entry screen is very pretty! :blush:


Yes me too. In fact I wondered what the lines were at the bottom of the screen (the top of the hidden menus) because I wasn’t sure what the display was about. Then had a big surprise when I could actually scroll down and access TONS of options and parameters. If it was the other way around I would have known cause I instinctively give the knob a whirl to explore the environment.

Yeah same here. I figured it out really quickly though but had the same reaction. It’s UI nitpicking but probably it counts.


Probably - see here:



just messed with the 3 bands, saved a generic crossover preset (with eq3 in each band) and was thinking exactly the same. solo low band, adjust, unsolo, move to the mid band,solo it, adjust this, add that, unsolo it…


Question about Editing controls… Bug??

If I add a unit within a control’s subchain while still on the editor screen… IE: adding a SIN. It disappears as soon as I hit Enter and return to the most outward level of the unit.

It didn’t appear to make a difference if the control was any of the 3 types.


That did the trick - THX!


If v4. 04/5 had only added Edit Controls, I would still be ecstatic with this update. It’s fantastic!